50s Hair Style – Hairstyles of the Decade

There are several Hairstyles you can try in the 1950s. These styles include the soft bob, ponytail, and side part. You can also try a soft bob, a shorter version of the bouffant. These styles are still very popular today. To get the look, all you need is some basic styling knowledge.


The ponytail was a popular Hairstyle during the 1950s. This style was very easy to achieve and didn’t require much time. The key to this hairstyle is to create volume with a bristle brush and smooth out the top of the hair. After arranging the hair into a ponytail, use a boar bristle brush to separate the ponytail and add some more volume to the top. This Hairstyle looks great with a polka dot dress or with cool micro bangs.

The ’50s ponytail was very popular with actresses like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Eartha Kitt. This style featured perfectly curled hair, but the curls were artificially created to look natural. Initially, young girls wore this hairstyle with poodle skirts, but as the decade progressed, this style became popular among women of all ages.

Although most women over the age of 20 wore short Hairstyles, some were a bit more adventurous and had long hair. They could either leave it down or pull it up into a ponytail, like Bettie Page in the movie Gidget. It was so popular that it even made its way onto the first Barbie, in 1959.

The 1950s Hairstyle is still popular today, with pixie cuts and curls. If you have natural curls, you can stack them up to create a layered updo. You can also use chunks in the front to frame the face and add a bow hairband for a fun look. A simple bun is also easy to achieve and works well for any occasion. If you have thick hair, you can create two buns by using two hair donuts. Using Hairspray to keep flyaways under control will help you make this style look great.

Side part

Side Part hairstyles are a popular choice for women who want to have a youthful look. These cuts are flattering and are great for women who like to wear hats. They are easy to achieve with proper styling. The typical way to create a side part is to part hair about two-thirds across the forehead and then brush it over to the other side. To give this look a more natural appearance, you can comb your hair and blow dry it.

A side part is a great way to add definition to your hair and create a contrast between the length of the top and bottom of the hair. A high and tight side part has similar styling principles to the high and low sides, but can be softer and less angular. This style can also be achieved using pomade, which can be slicked back or combed into the hair.

Using gel to hold the side part of the hairstyle is another way to achieve the look. You can also use a razor to achieve this look. This hairstyle is easy to recreate and requires little maintenance. The fading silver bangs look great with the style, and it’s perfect for women with oval faces.

Side part hairstyles are often described as a ‘businessman’s style, reminiscent of the hairstyles of mid-century businessmen. Often, the front of the hair was parted on one side to create a rounded pompadour, while the sides were left longer and faded to maintain thick hair. Typically, hairstyles with a side part have a healthy quiff at the top, and the side part focuses attention on this tall quiff.

Inward-facing curls

Inward-facing curls were popular in the 1950s. They were popular in short, medium, and long styles, depending on the wearer’s personality and facial shape. To create this style, women would have their hair cut short, pin curl it, and then style it. The ’50s hairstyle was simple and quick to maintain.

This hairstyle featured pin curls that created a ladylike volume. The hair was also teased in the crown and conditioned to smooth out bumps. Hair products that emulate the 1950s style included texturizing spray and mousse to add a textured finish. In addition, accent curls were added to frame the strands and create additional texture.

To create an inward-facing curl, work the hair into rows about an inch wide. These rows should run the length of the parting. These curls can be pinned flat or can stand out. This hairstyle is perfect for a woman who likes to wear hats.

Soft bob

A smooth bob is a classic, age-appropriate hairstyle for women in their 50s. It’s a versatile style that sits just above the chin and is perfect for face framing. You can also add layers or a poufy side part for a more stylish look.

Soft curls add movement and bounce to this bob hairstyle. This cut is perfect for fine hair, and the long layers will accentuate the face. This style is versatile, too, as you can add color to make it look more voluminous. It also makes your face appear more youthful.

Soft bob hair styles are versatile and easy to maintain. For fine hair, try an A-line bob with longer layers at the front and shorter layers at the back. The varying colors will add dimension to this look. You can opt for a subtle gold balayage or even use a shine spray.

The 1950s were a time when women often switched up hairstyles. They may want to change the way they look or feel more confident. They may also want to go for a shorter style. This style makes it easy to get up and move around. It’s also easy to maintain and will last for years to come.

If you want to create a 50s hairstyle with soft fringe, you can fake a bob by rolling back your hair into a layer of shorter strands. This works especially well on layered hair. You can also use full bangs to add volume and frame the face.

Poodle cut

The Poodle cut is a classic hairstyle from the 50s. This cut is made up of a wide part at the front and hair that is set in pin curls all over the head. This is a cut that is easy to wear and maintain. It is best for thick or medium textured hair that is parted on the left side.

The Poodle cut was popular during the 1950s and was influenced by the rock and roll culture of the era. Rock and roll brought young black and white audiences together, and it influenced many aspects of hairstyle. During this time, a lot of beauty salons were booming, and rapid advances in technology made perms much easier to apply.

There are several different poodle styles you can choose from. This style is often used on standard and toy poodles, but isn’t necessarily the right choice for every dog. Poodles need their hair to keep them warm. If their hair is too long, they could overheat.

A poodle cut can be very feminine or masculine. It is usually longer and more curly than a bob cut. A curly bob style would be flattering and last longer.

Victory roll

This sweeping hairstyle is perfect for medium-length hair. The victory roll is a classic and can be achieved in several ways. To start, curl the bottom portion of your hair into a large roll, creating soft waves that flow along the length. Next, you should use hair gel to smooth down the top part of your hair. Finally, you should pin the large roll to the rest of your hair.

The victory roll looks best on women with fine hair. Traditionally, one roll is smaller than the other. To keep the hairstyle intact, use hair gel or pins to hold it in place. Alternatively, curl the bottom part of your hair, leaving the third part straight. It’s possible to get the exact look you want with the victory roll, even if your hair is thin.

This style is easy to create and can be worn by women of all hair lengths. If you have long hair, try braiding it or tying it into a bun. Women with short hair can also try the victory roll. First, make small rolls on both sides of your head. Then, use hair gel or pins to secure them. This hairstyle is great for special occasions. It also looks great on a-line bobs.

The Victory roll is an iconic retro hairstyle that was popular during the 1940s and 1950s. It’s characterized by voluminous curls and is closely associated with the pin-up look. The style has many variations and some of them are still used today.