Classic Mens Short Haircuts

The high and tight is an elegant short haircut style for men that works great with any hair texture. This classic style features a straight fringe shorter than the hairline that extends longer around the middle, creating an eye-catching appearance. Pairing this look with fades or undercuts makes an impressive masculine appearance.

Buzz cut

The buzz cut is an iconic men’s haircut with multiple length options that are typically clipped close to the head with electric hair clippers for a masculine appearance that works equally well with or without beards.

Style Description:

This hairdo is easy to manage and works well for any facial shape; oval, oblong, and triangle faces particularly benefit from it; however, triangle-shaped faces might look too narrow due to the body. The buzz cut is ideal for those who desire a low-maintenance yet put-together look without much hair loss, such as rapper Drake and actors Channing Tatum and Michael B Jordan, who sport this look. Many celebrities such as these are wearing this style today!

Crew cut

The classic Crew cut is timeless, ideal for all hair types and beard lengths. Perfect for professional settings and long beards alike. Also suitable for thick locks as it keeps the kinks out of their face and off their foreheads.

Try getting a crew cut with either a low or mid fade for a modern style. This will add contrast and keep your locks sleek while adding visual interest. Or try going for something different such as a textured crew cut, similar to traditional but with more casual qualities; use the GATSBY Inside Lock Natural Lift product for this look!

Bowl cut

The Bowl Cut is an iconic military-inspired look featuring shaved sides and a shorter top. This masculine look works particularly well when styled with wavy hair; additionally, it can look fantastic when combined with either pompadours or flattops.

The butch cut offers a rugged appearance and can make a statement. This style pairs well with straight fringe, making this style suitable for professional settings. However, remember that these styles require frequent visits to your barber and should be trimmed frequently to maintain them properly.

Short haircuts explicitly designed to flatter square face shapes are increasingly becoming fashionable. Such cuts draw the eye towards cheekbones and jawlines, which are well-suited to this type of face structure.

Military style

Military styles are an attractive, low-maintenance solution for men looking for a classic yet professional appearance. The back and sides of the hair are kept short, while the top layers have slightly longer locks. This style works exceptionally well with line-ups that add depth and detail to their cut.

Fashion trends change almost daily; therefore, it is refreshing to see timeless and classic styles which remain. Attractive cuts will keep people’s focus on your face and shoulders rather than on your hairstyle.

The Gent Gazette is a variation on the Side Part and Disconnected Undercut styles, featuring an eye-catching combination of hair lengths for an appealing contrast while maintaining a flattering silhouette. If desired, adding fades can further elevate this masculine style.

Finger waves

Finger waves are an easy-to-manage style that adds Old Hollywood glimmer and sophistication to any look. Perfect for formal events, costume parties, or adding dimension to a short haircut – finger waves don’t require heat styling tools; just a fine-toothed comb and strong sculpting gel are all it needs for this timeless vintage hairstyle.

To achieve the perfect wave, start with wet hair and apply gel to increase flexibility. Next, create a dramatic side part; using one or two fingers, pinch the ridges into an “S” shape using pincer grips and pinchers. Finally, lock it all together using hair spray for moisture and wind protection.