How to Do a Wig Install

Choosing a Wig

A wig is more than an accessory; it can help transform your style and appearance. So if you’re considering switching to a lace front wig or other form of HD wig, take time and select one that best matches both your personal aesthetic and hair needs.

Start by finding the appropriate style, color, size, and texture of wig. Doing this will ensure that it looks and feels natural on you. For an authentic look, opt for either a U-part or full lace wig. With the former, some natural hair must remain visible at the front, while with the latter, it appears that your scalp has sprouted the wig itself. If unsure, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok tutorials offer step-by-step guides.

Preparing Your Hair

Installing a wig may seem intimidating, but with proper technique, it can be done easily. First, you will need to prepare your hair before installing the wig, as well as choose suitable adhesives and tools to secure its position and prevent movement or coming loose.

Use a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush to eliminate knots or tangles using low heat settings on a blow dryer if available. Cornrows provide the ideal canvas for frontal wigs and are especially helpful in creating an unmistakable sleek look. Alternatively, for short hair, try twists or simply pin your locks down.

Glue or Adhesive

There are various glues and adhesives you can use to secure your wig, such as Bold Hold Active’s clear glue that doesn’t leave behind white residue, as Placide and White suggest. Bold Hold Active was specifically developed to withstand sweaty environments – perfect for daily wear! In addition, humidity problems don’t impact its ability to work.

Before applying glue to your lace front wig, always ensure your hair is clean and oil-free. Create an outline of where you intend to place the glue so as not to cause tugging and pulling on natural hairline that could potentially cause skin damage. Conduct a patch test on yourself first to see how your body responds to any new materials before adding any.

Getting Started

No matter your style of choice or preference, adding a wig to your wardrobe has many advantages. But before taking the plunge with one of these stunning units, it is crucial that you understand how to install it so it blends naturally with your natural locks and looks natural.

Noah Scott of Expert Wig Stylists of Mayvenn, celebrity cosmetologist David Lopez from Glam Seamless, and licensed beauty expert Brittany Johnson from Mayvenn each share their tips for an effortless wig installation, from selecting the ideal style to prepping your hair and scalp for installation. Read on for their ten hacks that can help you start wearing seamless lace wigs today.

Start with a clean and towel-dried scalp, and slowly apply glue in small sections. Doing this will ensure that it adheres securely to your scalp while also reducing build-up that could cause the wig to slip or come undone later on.