5 Masculine Long Hair Beard Styles

No sign of masculinity says more “masculine” than an authentic-looking long beard, yet its maintenance requires regular grooming and attention to keep its look intact. Style plays an integral part in creating an impactful, professional image. Here are some tremendous long-hair beard styles you should consider.

French Fork beards are full beards that have been styled into two prongs below the chin and have taken their name from French Fork utensils with two prongs that have been popular since the 14th Century Renaissance. This beard style makes a sophisticated statement; it is great for men wanting a refined look, particularly those with diamond or oval-shaped faces – and makes an exciting contrast against round ones! If you need more time to be ready to commit to full beard ownership, an alternative would be the French Fork with mustache look. This style works great on oval-shaped faces, making you appear taller and thinner; add an El Bandito mustache for added flair! This beard style is ideal for men with long faces who wish to make their faces appear shorter and men who want to stand out in a crowd. Though it requires maintenance, this beard should only be worn by men with enough free time for proper care and upkeep.

Those with heart-shaped faces or narrower chins should consider the Razor Edges beard style for maximum impact. This option combines the messy appearance of full beards with sharp lines from mustaches or goatees – an excellent solution if patchy facial hair becomes difficult to manage. A slant razor may help achieve clean and precise lines for an appealing result. Shaping and trimming a longer beard style requires additional maintenance than cutting shorter ones. Comb and groom it regularly to avoid unruly hairs that may curl or become unruly; use a beard comb and scissors, or invest in a precision trimmer to quickly and efficiently shape your beard. Apply beard oil after shaving to keep skin hydrated and healthy; adding beard balm will add shine and hold for additional flourishes of hold and style.

Two-tone long beard styles that look both carefree and neat include two-tone styles that resemble mustaches with tight coils resembling tight, twisted curls. It’s an effective way to express your rugged side while accentuating cheekbones and working well with straight or wavy hairstyles; Johnny Depp was famously rocking this style in Mortdecai! The two-tone sound originated among young musicians from England’s West Midlands listening to Jamaican music. This unique sound drew its inspiration from elements of ska and rocksteady with elements from punk and new wave music. It is widely associated with bands such as The Specials, Madness, and The Selecter. The Two-Tone style can be challenging to maintain, requiring facial hair to grow even throughout. Be sure to regularly comb and shape the beard to its proportionality and symmetry. It may work exceptionally well on men with round faces as it helps balance out their top-heavy features.

The extended goatee is an ideal style choice for men with round faces. It can help soften an oval or diamond face shape and add fullness. Furthermore, this style looks good on bald heads and requires little upkeep to maintain its shape, though do be patient as shaping takes some time! This style is also known as a Van Dyke beard due to its relationship to the mustache. Chin hair connects directly with it for this style and can be trimmed broader or narrower as needed for framing the mouth. This beard style offers less fussy options for people with patchy facial hair growth. Will Ferrell or Leonardo DiCaprio often wear this style, featuring a wavy beard that allows your natural curls to show through. Maintaining such an image can be relatively low-maintenance, with regular trimming and beard oil used to ensure its appearance remains.