Hairstyles for different wedding ceremonies

A bridal hairstyle must be not only gorgeous and elegant, but also basic and functional. It’s not a matter of preference, but rather a requirement, to have a hairstyle that is both gorgeous and comfortable for the duration of a wedding, especially an Indian wedding. For all, you wouldn’t want to ruin the bride’s makeup by spending the whole time fussing with her hair which is why hiring  a professional makeup artist and hairstylist in Mumbai is necessary. If you’re planning a destination wedding, make sure you ask them if they’re open to travel to your destination so that there’s no confusion later. Also, don’t forget to book your wedding banquet hall in Mumbai, a professional photographer to capture the perfect moments, a wedding decorator and all the other vendors too so that you can have your dream wedding. To help you look your best on your wedding day, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most stylish bridal hairstyles currently in vogue.



  1. The Messy Bun 

Many options exist, even including the bun. Either wear your hair sleekly back, or experiment with different styles for the front. The hair can also appear lovely and classic if the sides are twisted and the front is curled. Only the front, which is not hidden by the Dupatta, can benefit from a puff and Swarovski hair accessories for added volume and height. The weight of the Dupatta and the degree to which you wish to conceal your hairstyle are also factors to consider. A sloppy side bun is also a beautiful option.

  1. Messy Side Braid

The sloppy side braid is another favourite on the big day. A fishtail braid or a loose braid accented with tiny pearls or Swarovski crystals is a sophisticated hairstyle. The wedding ceremony, reception, Sangeet, and Mehndi all benefit greatly from this. This style can be worn on the big day even if you don’t plan on wearing a dupatta. Embellish it with flowers—breath, baby’s carnations, or any other little flower will do—to elevate your outfit.

  1. Coachella Inspired

To achieve the look of a young, carefree, and beautiful modern bride, all you need to do is wash, brush, and then apply a hair ornament made of delicate chains. It’s cutting edge, fashionable, and very appropriate as a bridal hairdo. This bridal hairstyle is ideal for any event leading up to or following the wedding as well as the ceremony itself. We can’t get over how stunning this bride looks with her modern takes on traditional Indian jewellery like the Maang Tikka and Matha Patti. You can show off your individuality by putting your own touch on traditional bridal hair ornaments. Soft curls at the ends and loose, unrestrained lengths are a stylish option.

  1. Exquisite Wedding Hairdo: Waterfall Braid

Partially braided around the crown area, with the rest of the hair hanging freely in the back, this style creates the illusion of a waterfall, as suggested by the name. The trick to getting this look is to do a simple side braid, reserving a bit of hair from your three-strand braid for the waterfall effect, and then picking up a new length of hair from the one you set aside.

Let’s sum it up 

Always check reviews before booking your bridal hair stylist online for the wedding. A few months before the wedding, begin a deep-nourishing treatment for your hair to give it the appearance of being naturally healthy and full of volume, which will be captured beautifully in photographs. Verify first and foremost that your bridal makeup hairstylist is accessible to travel to and accompany you at your wedding location. The bride’s food and way of life are also important components of self-care. Keep these things in mind when you decide on a bridal hairstyle for each event.