How to Style Short Natural Hair

Are You Natural with Short Hair? – No Matter the Style Options Are Endless

A tomboyish mohawk featuring patterned shaved sides and face-framing coils creates a striking look, while its light golden blonde hue creates fairy vibes.

Puffy Bun

African-American ladies with short natural hair often rely on puff updos to protect and style their curls. Not only is the updo sophisticated-looking, but it also keeps hair away from your face while protecting its ends against dryness. You can take this style further by adding twists or elements of braiding, such as braiding twists. Twisting, adding twists or braiding elements, or even creating intricate details (such as adding zigzag patterns or Mohawk) make an eye-catching style while simultaneously being protective.

Another way to wear your puffed updo is to tease it for added volume. If this seems excessive, brush out and smooth down your ponytail for an understated effect. Additionally, consider adding face-framing braids for an added pop of beauty!

When styling short, curly hair, sometimes it is best to keep things straightforward. This chic style is ideal for women who prefer sleek and hassle-free looks. It features a trimmed fringe, tapered sides, and long tendrils piled high at the crown of their heads for added feminine appeal.

Twisted Updo

If you have short natural hair and want something stylish yet easy to manage, a twisted updo could be one way to go. It combines all the significant elements of classic updos like a ponytail, bun, and bow into one beautiful hairstyle. Create an elegant yet effortless updo when you know how. Start by creating a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, using a ponytail holder to secure it tightly. Tease sections of it using a comb for more volume, then coil a team from the front of the hair around the elastic to hide the elastic band and pin the remaining strands into place to complete the look.

Pin Back

Pin Back is an effortless style perfect for any special event or casual outing. After using texturizing spray, grab a section from the back and coil it into a low bun. Pull another quote from the front down over this bun. Use bobby pins to secure this style, turning them so that their wavy sides face down for maximum grip and to avoid slipperiness.

Finger Waves

Wet finger waves are an elegant look for those with short natural hair. This style suits almost everyone, from seductive ridged waves to soft and smooth curls. Made famous in the 1920s by actresses Josephine Baker and Bette Davis, it remains popular among black women. It is a protective style that helps control frizz and moisture build-up in your locks.

Preserving finger waves is easy! To start, wash and condition your hair using Sebastian Professional Drench Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, gently towel dry it, and create a side part. Next, use gel and mousse to maintain the style – then start at the position, using a rat-tail comb to move half your hair towards the back, using wave clamps on any elevated pieces to define and shape ridges until your entire head is completed and set with hairspray to achieve this look.

Curly Bob

Curly hair can be challenging to manage. Luckily, bob cuts can bring out its best features and create volume and shine. If you have curly bob hair, use products that provide moisture while simultaneously reducing frizz to keep the curls under control and make styling them less laborious.

If you’re searching for an eye-catching way to style your curly bob cut, adding blonde wavy highlights is one of the newest modern hairstyles for curly bob cuts that will draw all sorts of compliments and attention. This color will enliven every curl while still offering plenty of volume. Adding blonde wavy highlights gives your curls some shine, adding shine and emphasizing every kink, and creating a fresh and distinct look that will surely draw plenty of looks and questions from passers-by!

Add a side part to make your curly bob even more voluptuous and elegant, emphasizing your facial features and creating an overall more balanced appearance – it works incredibly well when worn with a chin-length curly bob cut!

Alternatively, longer bobs allow more creativity when styling to make it more visually attractive. A stacked curly bob haircut can instantly increase the volume in your locks while complementing any facial structure. Try giving your bob hair a retro-style perm for a playful and flirty touch, perfect for any special event. Add a strawberry blonde hue to make it even more glam!

Head Wrap

If you have short natural hair, head wraps are an effective way to keep it in place while adding color and style. From topknots and mohawks to intricate cornrow styles like cornrow mohawks, you can accessorize with scarves for added visual interest at brunches and drinks with friends. The extra fabric should be added to the wrap to stay secure against your crown, while silkier materials might help smooth down any curls in the fabric.

This look is among the easiest of all head wrap styles. Tie your hair back in a topknot or slicked-back bun, place the headwrap at the nape of your neck, cover your ears, pull both ends toward the front, and twist into a bow, finally tucking any loose ends under your bow to complete the look.

Protective styles like box braids or locs can become dull over time. To add variety, add a headwrap that can be coiled into a flower shape to give height. This style is perfect for in-between days when your strands yet feel like they need more refreshed for salon visits.

If you want to show off your sleek ponytail, pair it with a captivating headwrap to make an eye-catching statement. This look can work both at work or when going out with friends; just make sure it fits right for your tresses; an excessively large wrap can look overwhelming in front of the face.