Achieve a Natural Blonde Look With This Hair Bleach Kit

Be amazed with salon-grade results at home with this hair bleach kit! Packed with a 40-volume cream developer, tint brush, plastic gloves, and instructions – its formula is gentle on hair while lightening up to seven levels! Bleached hair tends to dry out more quickly than natural locks; therefore, use a conditioning treatment after coloring your hair with bleach. Furthermore, avoid swimming pools as their chlorine pool chemicals could potentially harm your tresses.

Arctic Fox Bleach Please Complete hair Lightening Kit

If you want a natural blonde look, this bleach kit may be just what you need. With its low-odor formula and a blend of protective emollients to prevent damage to your locks, this bleach is suitable for all hair types – even thick strands! Included are everything needed to lighten hair effectively: dust-free bleach powder, 40-volume creme developer, mixing tub, tint brush, plastic cap, and gloves – remembering an 8-level lifter which also acts great for lightening!

Arctic Fox hair bleach offers an easy and safe solution to lighten dark locks. Utilizing vegetable-based cream bleach formulated with Polycare split therapy – helping prevent damaged locks – and featuring a violet base that neutralizes yellow tones within your tresses makes this one of the best beaches for dark waves, capable of lifting your locks eight levels in just 30 minutes!

Manic Panic Flash Lightning hair Bleach Kit

Manic Panic Flash Lightning is a hair bleach kit that provides the optimal finish for all your dyeing needs. Available in various volume strengths, this collection contains everything necessary for dyeing your locks with color: bleach powder, peroxide, and tint brush for precise application – as well as instructions and guidelines to help ensure optimal results!

This bleach has several volume strengths to accommodate all hair colors and types, with 40 Volume being the most robust option. One kit will lighten short hair up to 4 inches long, while multiple kits may be necessary for longer locks. Furthermore, one kit may be an effective pre-lightening system before applying Manic Panic semi-permanent colors to achieve vibrant results.

This kit also comes equipped with a blue toner to reduce any brassy tones that may emerge during lightening, creating more natural blonde shades perfect for use with Manic Panic’s semi-permanent cream-tone hair dyes.

Punky Colour Hair Bleaching Kit

Bleaching your hair before coloring is an integral step towards creating your ideal new look, and should always come first. A reliable bleaching kit allows you to lighten it by up to eight levels without damaging it; this one comes equipped with everything needed for hassle-free bleaching, including a 40-volume developer and concentrated bleach powder, plus Intrabond hair repair complex that lightens while simultaneously protecting strands against damage.

To use this kit, don gloves and pour a small amount of peroxide into a plastic bowl. Next, mix powder bleach into it until creamy; use a brush to apply this solution directly to your hair and wait until its magic takes hold before rinsing it away and shampooing as usual. If your scalp has sensitive skin, use mild shampoo/conditioner products for maximum comfort.

Punky Colour’s bleaching kit is essential for DIY hair dye enthusiasts. With a gentle odor formula, gentle odor formula on strands, and non-damaging to color lift to seven levels. In addition, its Intrabond hair repair complex strengthens them during bleaching processes for enhanced protection and strength.

This kit comes equipped with a 40-volume cream bleacher, bleach powder and tint brush, protective gloves, and a tray for ease of use. Ideal for highlighting, streaking, frosting, or tipping hair, this high-speed delivery system works to lighten hair faster than other brands.

This kit is ideal for people with naturally dark hair who wish to lighten it gradually without experiencing excessive damage. The advanced formula helps reduce breakage and split ends, while its low-odor recipe and ammonia/sulfates-free formulation make it suitable for all hair types. Furthermore, its revitalizing serum reduces brassiness for an even tone.

Brite Bleach Kit

The Brite Bleach Kit is an ammonia-free bleach kit designed to lighten hair up to eight levels without dust or ammonia exposure, designed with protective substances and emollients designed to shield and shield against breakage during lightening processes, helping avoid breakage or damage during this process. PETA-certified and cruelty-free, the Brite Bleach Kit includes a developing cream, lightening cream, and hair mask in one convenient kit.

This home bleach is quick and straightforward to use, making the transition to blonde a simple task or pre-lightening before applying another hue. Low-odor, high-performance lighteners work best across all hair types for optimal lightening performance, and this low-odor bleach works exceptionally well when creating highlights or streaks.

Be sure to perform a strand test and read all safety directions beforebefore using this bleach, as this product could cause skin reactions for some individuals. It contains persulfates that could trigger allergic reactions or anaphylactic symptoms in others. Furthermore, this product should not be used on children or teenagers, or applied directly onto damaged, dry, or chemically treated hair.