Short Hairstyles For Alopecia

Trying out a short brushed-back chop for an adorable feminine style could be just what’s needed to complete any face shape and add texture by scrunching or adding hair accessories. Side-swept bangs can also help cover up thinner areas of your hairline. Combine them with stylish accessories, like tiaras or clips, for an eye-catching look that supports new regrowth.

Buzz Cut

This super short hairstyle is ideal for women living with alopecia. It keeps hair off the face while being easy to maintain. Furthermore, this style helps prevent traction alopecia caused by tight braids or buns.

Men living with alopecia can still achieve a buzz-cut look, as evidenced by Wentworth Miller (best known for his role as Michael Scofield on Prison Break), who favors this masculine and low-maintenance look. Oval-faced men tend to be the most accommodating regarding hair length variations.

Are you interested in adding some flair? Opt for a high and tight fade. It resembles a buzz cut but leaves more length at the top. Use some men’s mousse or pomade to give this style its signature slick-back look.


The fade is ideal for people with an oval or heart-shaped face as it creates a practical slimming effect around their heads. Additionally, this cut works excellent when worn with beards of any texture or length and when worn alone!

If your hair has natural curls or coils, add volume using curl tonic or hair mousse to help cover any thin spots or hide thinning areas. Use light-hold hairspray as well to keep the style intact.

Your barber should understand exactly which fade you prefer for maximum effect. Just be sure that when discussing this option with him.


Hairstyles that reduce tension on the scalp are essential when treating traction alopecia; there are plenty of cute and easy looks available that will make your locks appear fuller and healthier – whether that be with faded buzz cuts or sleek bobs, they will help mask thinning areas while emphasizing natural beauty.

If you prefer longer styles, try adding subtle long layers for added volume and dimension to your hair. Or experiment with sweeping your locks off to one side with wispy bangs for an updated look. Remember to get regular trims to maintain optimal results; use scalp-stimulating products as well for optimal growth!


Highlighting thin hair can help give it more volume. But when selecting your highlight shade, be careful that it doesn’t go too dark, as too much dye could weaken hair follicles and cause further damage.

Another effective way of adding volume and texture to your hair is by blow drying it in different directions, creating a texture that can cover up thinning spots.

Women suffering from traction alopecia will find that wearing a headband is an easy and effective way to cover any spots of balding. For an even more stylish appearance, try styling it in a turban style!

Straight pixie cuts with side-swept bangs are an ideal hairstyle to help thinning hair look its best, framing your face beautifully and complementing its shape. To add some flair, try adding bold highlights for added impact.


Headbands can be an effective way to cover up thinning hair. Unfortunately, tight elastic headbands can have negative repercussions for your scalp health if worn frequently or worn too tight – traction alopecia may occur and lead to hair loss around the forehead and temples, with symptoms including pain and itching.

An attractive bangs hairstyle may provide relief from traction alopecia by helping reduce tension at the hairline. Simply style your locks half up/half down using some hairspray.

Temporarily color-spraying your hair is another fun and fashionable option that will distract people from noticing any thinned areas. Always conduct patch tests first to make sure the color will work for your follicles; use stimulating products for healthy follicles!