Cardi B Goes Red Hot With Her Hair

Recently, rapper Tokyo Stylez created a long ponytail with chain link embellishment for Cardi B’s “WAP” video.

“Press” artist Lauren is 29 years old. She attributes her healthy-looking strands to a homemade hair mask made from avocado, egg, bananas, and Argan oil that she regularly applies on her daughter Kulture’s curly locks.

Cardi B’s legendary hair mask contains natural ingredients like avocado, mayonnaise, and other organic oils to nourish and strengthen her hair.

Tokyo Stylez, who usually styles rapper Ciara’s hair, has also shown off her own natural locks through throwback photos.

Cardi B, 29, actively encourages other women of color to love their natural locks and frequently posts pictures of her lush mane on social media.

Cardi B shared her DIY hair mask recipe in a 2022 video, using ingredients like Shea Moisture Argan Oil, mayonnaise, black castor oil, eggs, honey, and banana.

Cardi B loves experimenting with different hairstyles and colors, from neon yellow strands to seafoam green bobs.

Elisha Michelle, Cardi B’s hairstylist and wig colorist, hand-drew on wigs for three hours to create a unique design.

Tokyo Stylez installed Cardi B’s wig precisely while Cardi herself kept count.

Cardi B recently surprised everyone by switching her raven locks for fiery red hair while in Beverly Hills.

She even shared an Instagram post showing her daughter Kulture with matching bold locks.