How to Choose a New Hair Color

If you’re considering changing your hair color, there are a few steps you should follow before taking the plunge. From making subtle hue adjustments to complete transformations, any shade chosen must work with your complexion and lifestyle.

Identifying Your Coloring

Hairstylists advise identifying whether your skin has warm or cool coloring before selecting a new shade. Your eye color also influences this decision – blue and green eyes look better with warmer tones.

Golden Brown

Golden brown is an eye-catching hue that compliments nearly all skin tones, from olive to cooler or warmer skin tones, creating a radiant and welcoming appearance. Wella Passionista Cassandra Foehr achieved the desired sun-kissed blonde effect with this well-balanced golden brown color by Wella Passionista Cassandra Foehr that begins warm at the roots and gradually fades to light cool brown at the ends.

Honey Brown

Honey brown hair color doesn’t disappoint when it comes to warm brown shades – this shade perfectly suits every complexion, from redheads to brunettes! Light honey-brown hair color is ideal for fair-skinned ladies as it doesn’t contrast as starkly against their strands as lighter shades might. Dark honey-brown hair can add a pop of contrast, so why not try this trend?

Milk Tea

If you love milk tea (or bubble tea in general), milk tea blonde is the latest beauty trend online. Inspired by this sweet beverage, this soft beige shade boasts warm and cool tones for an exclusive look suitable for most skin tones.


Blonde and blond are terms used to refer to light or yellowish hair color, often described in adjective form. Both words can also be used interchangeably as nouns to describe individuals with that hue of hair color – although their spelling might differ. This augmented reality app allows you to experience different shades of blonde in real time using your phone’s camera.

Copper Brown

Copper hair colors look beautiful on all skin tones, especially those with cool complexions. For natural redheads looking for something different or anyone just wanting a vibrant hue that stands out, request a warm copper hue with strawberry blonde undertones from your stylist. Red and orange tones can fade quickly, so it is recommended that you use a shampoo and conditioner that contains color-depositing pigments while visiting your stylist every six to eight weeks for touch-ups. This lovely brown to ginger copper ombre is ideal for women with fair to porcelain skin and blue or green eyes, featuring dark copper roots creating dramatic dimension. At the same time, light spicy red fades out to sun-kissed ends for an effortless and natural appearance. This style works best on wavy or curly locks.