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Army recruits can choose any military-approved style. This includes styles with highlights. They are allowed to wear nail polish, lipstick, and earrings. For men, they may use clear nail polish, but no jewelry. A woman can keep her hair long or short, depending on the length of her uniform. Some women choose to wear their hair down, and others choose to wear it up. No matter what the style, it should be comfortable and easy to maintain.

Military styles for women have changed recently, but the main reason is not gender. It’s about boosting diversity within the force. Former rules required women to wear buns or twists and men could wear dreadlocks for religious purposes. The new policies have made it easier for women to express themselves with a variety of looks. Even female soldiers can now wear an afro on parade and in working dress.

By the end of February, female soldiers will be allowed to wear several new styles in military uniform. This new policy comes as part of an ongoing effort by the Army to promote gender and racial equality. However, women may have to make special arrangements to wear their new styles. For the time being, military styles for women are largely permissible. For more information about these new styles, see the official website of the U.S. Army.

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Historically, military styles for women were very conservative, and often included tight buns. However, today, women are allowed to wear highlights in their hair, and many wear stud earrings or a simple ponytail when they are not in combat. Since World War II, the percentage of female soldiers in the military has steadily increased. In the early years of integration, it was common for women to only have token roles, such as secretarial or nursing work. There was no compensation for such roles. A woman was automatically discharged if she became pregnant in a uniform.