Hair Clipper Brands

Leo Wahl

In 1911, Leo Wahl designed and manufactured a vibrating medical massager and later founded Wahl Clipper Corporation when he realized there was a need for better hair-cutting tools. Wahl is known for their precision, durability, and leading innovations in the industry. They offer a standard line of clippers, various attachments, and blades tailored to different styles or lengths. Today, Wahl remains family-owned and is a global brand with products in over 170 countries.


Caliber is a cloud-based customer satisfaction software solution that provides businesses with actionable metrics and insights into customer behavior. It offers several trim levels and features, including keyless entry, power accessories, cruise control, and Bluetooth phone connectivity. The SXT model has additional features like an iPod/USB interface, a premium sound system, and a height-adjustable driver seat.

Supra ZR II

The Supra ZR II is a heavy-duty cordless detachable clipper with a powerful motor and a ceramic detachable blade. It delivers power for all hair types and features a premium snap-in charge stand and rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a runtime of over three hours. The clipper has an adjustable blade and five-speed settings for different hair lengths and tasks.


Andis is one of the leading clipper manufacturers worldwide. Their models, such as the Andis Master and Wahl Senior, are known for their power, versatility, and long-term quality. The Andis Master clipper offers a close-cutting blade with adjustable sizes, a self-sharpening stainless steel blade, and aluminum housing for lightweight and ergonomic use. The Fade Master model is designed to trim facial hair and has a built-in battery charging station for portability.