Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence and His Short Hair

– Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence has gained fame for his football skills and distinctive long hair.

– His hair has become an iconic part of his image, inspiring social media accounts, memes, and Halloween costumes.

– Pantene Shampoo offered Lawrence an endorsement deal because of his iconic look.

Lawrence’s Stylist Offers Advice

hair Techniques salon owner Scott Holder, who has been cutting Lawrence’s hair since high school, offers advice for whoever will miss his hair in Jacksonville.

– The advice is to respect Lawrence’s privacy and avoid discussing football etiquette with him.

The Iconic Look

– Lawrence’s long hair has become an iconic part of his image throughout his college career.

– His locks have inspired teammates to call him “Sunshine,” referencing a character from Remember the Titans.

– Lawrence is not bothered by questions about his hair; he finds them amusing.

hair Care Suggestions

– Lawrence’s former stylist suggests that he could use dark dye or razor cuts to make his locks less feminine while keeping their iconic look.

– This would allow him to maintain a professional quarterback-like appearance while preserving some iconic characteristics.

– Such suggestions could be helpful if he signs an endorsement deal with shampoo brands.

Lawrence’s Rise to Stardom

– From an early age, Lawrence showed promise as a quarterback and leader in Cartersville’s Park and Recreation U-8 league.

– Coaches recognized his ability to unite people and quickly elevated him to a starting position.

– Lawrence’s high school coaches plan to retire his game-worn jerseys as a tribute to his impact on the community.

Leadership at Clemson

– Lawrence continued to shine in high school and carried his leadership skills to Clemson as the undisputed team leader.

– In his freshman season, he led Clemson to a national title, defying expectations.

– His impressive performance has led NFL executives to consider him a potential No.1 overall draft pick.

hair vs. Talent

– Despite his success on the field, Lawrence’s hair sometimes becomes a focus instead of his skills.

– Clemson star Michael Sam’s longtime stylist emphasizes that what truly matters is Lawrence’s talent, not his hair.