Hair Ties For Thick Hair

Smooth Materials for Minimizing Friction

Choosing hair ties made from durable materials that won’t snag or pull on is essential for thick hair. Smooth materials minimize harmful friction that can rip and tear your strands. Board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara suggests selecting hair ties made from smooth materials to prevent unnecessary friction and damage to your locks.

Burlybands Thick Black hair Bands

Burlybands thick black hair bands are recommended for their stretchable elastics with grippable elastic thread. These hair bands can expand by 40% without losing shape, securely and gently holding your locks in place without pulling at them. Additionally, they can be machine-washed for convenience.

Thicker Elastic Hair Ties

Opt for thicker materials for elastic hair ties that won’t break apart or stretch out quickly. This ensures that they will last longer without becoming worn out or damaged. Experts recommend hair ties from Burlybands for thick and curly locks. They are designed to distribute tension evenly across wide elastic, preventing breakage or slipping during ponytail tension.

Features to Look for in Thick Hair Ties

In addition to elastic, looking for hair ties that feature flat surfaces, criss-cross designs, or weave patterns is essential. These hair ties are less likely to pull or snag your strands as you remove them. Some even double as wrist bracelets, making them perfect for daily wear and high-intensity workouts. The grippy silicone on these hair ties won’t leave dents in your locks or cause tangles.

Coiled Plastic Hair Ties

If you frequently wear tight buns and ponytails, friction can lead to severe hair damage, such as split ends and dents. Coiled plastic hair ties offer both beauty and practicality with their desert-hued coils. They look great around your wrist and head, and their coil design reduces pressure on strands, minimizing damage. These hair ties are easy to keep clean and an excellent choice for thick or curly locks.

Silk Hair Ties

Silk hair ties provide the ideal balance between comfort and security. Their smooth surface helps reduce friction, avoiding unwanted kinks, and they do not absorb oil from your hair like cotton does. Silk scrunchies feature soft characters that evenly distribute ponytail pressure, preventing headaches and strand damage. They are also crinkle-free and comfortable enough to be used for sleepwear.

Satin Hair Ties

It is essential to strike a delicate balance between preventing damage and not applying excessive tension to find a suitable hair tie for thick hair. Satin hair ties made from soft materials like silk or satin are recommended to minimize friction that can rip strands apart or cause frizz. Gimme satin scrunchies are suitable for all types of locks, including fine locks, and are specifically recommended for women with natural textures or braids. These scrunchies hold strands together without the usual elastic tension.

Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

Mulberry silk scrunchies are a gentler option for all hair types, including thicker strands and coily/curly locks. Their spiral shape prevents creases or dents when taken out, and being metal-free ensures they won’t tug at strands during removal.

In conclusion, choosing the proper hair ties for thick hair is crucial to prevent damage and breakage. Consider material, thickness, and features like smooth surfaces or coil designs. You can keep your locks secure, stylish, and healthy by selecting suitable hair ties.