Updos For Black Hair in 2019

Are you searching for a stunning updo hairstyle at your next special event? Look no further than this rolled updo for black hair; its protective yet chic style will impress all. Add shine with an updo for black hair featuring braids accented by stunning hair accessories. The result will be an eye-catching hairstyle that will leave your crush speechless!

1. Crown Twist Updo

Crown braids add an elegant and romantic flair to an updo. This look features six small braids twisted and pinned into a crown halo for special events and occasions.

This whimsical prom updo shows off your natural texture. Create two French twists from either side of your face and secure them with bobby pins; add face-framing curls for an aesthetically feminine finish, then finish off the style using light-hold hairspray for lasting hold.

2. Space Buns Mohawk

The space bun trend is an easy and playful way to add texture and volume to your updo, adding animated texture and volume for wedding day or everyday wear. Ideal for adding some sexiness or glamour, this style edges towards formality.

Whether you’re heading to Coachella or just adding some youthful flare, this hairstyle will have you channel Pamela Anderson in no time! Add a bit of glitter for an extra glamorous effect.

3. Curly Faux Hawk

The curled faux hawk is an ideal updo for black hair that is casual and formal enough to clearly show your features. The wavy style will frame your face beautifully and help give an air of red carpet glamour!

This style lets the curls do all the talking with a tidy taper fade on both sides and a star-shaped parting on top. For an eye-catching touch, add a cluster of snow-white flowers.

4. Classic Low Bun

Low buns make an elegant and feminine statement on special occasions, adding an air of sophistication. To add even more oomph, add an exquisite hair accessory or pin. Braided side buns for black hair can also make an excellent protective style and pridefully display your beautiful locks.

Not only can this simple and adorable hairstyle help encourage healthy hair growth, but it will keep your strands neatly in place, too!

5. Braided Faux Hawk

Braids can quickly transform you from playful and chic and make an ideal hairstyle choice for formal events like this braided faux hawk.

This one-of-a-kind hairstyle combines French braiding and faux mohawk into one eye-catching style, perfect for black girls with highlights since the braids give your strands some pop.

This stunning updo will steal the show at your next prom or special event! Make sure to add some eye-catching jewelry pieces for an eye-catching finish!

6. High Curly Bun with Fulani Braids

Whether your hair is long or short, this style makes an impressionful statement about who you are while remaining stylish. Showcase your cultural roots while remaining fashionable!

Add a splash of color to your Fulani braids with this unique and stunning ombre technique, which looks beautiful on all skin tones.

7. Folded Mohawk Updo

This stylish updo for black hair offers a fun way to give your locks some protection with an intriguing flair.

Combining flat braids that resemble cornrows with loose coils creates an unconventional yet elegant style.

This exotic Nubian style is an exquisite updo for black hair that makes an impactful statement at formal events. Its angled braided sections’ elegant, polished appearance makes this hairstyle suitable for any special occasion and perfectly highlights kinky black locks with their gorgeous textures.

8. Braided Bun Hairstyle

The braided bun hairstyle is an elegant protective style perfect for women with thick natural hair who desire something stylish yet practical.

Combining flat twists with a ponytail bun creates an eye-catching style that exudes royalty and elegance.

Crisscross braid updos offer another excellent protective hairstyle option for black women, combining medium box braids with brown beads to create a stunning glam look that will turn heads at any event. They are also an effective way to try different parting patterns!