How-To: How to Color Your Hair by Splattering It

The DIY Splat hair color trend started as a cheap, easy, and quick project. It soon turned into a time-consuming process that required a visit to a professional salon and hundreds of dollars in repair bills. That’s not exactly what you want if you want a bold, unique hair color that everyone will notice.

Crimson Obsession

The Splat Semi Permanent Complete Color Kit includes everything you need to get vivid, bold color. This kit is great for all-over color, streaks, dip dye, and ombre looks. It contains blue powder bleach and a colorant-rich formula that contains vitamin E and minerals. You can even use it on your skin and clothes.

Midnight Magenta

Midnight Magenta Splat hair color is a striking color that can make a statement on a person’s head. This semi-permanent hair dye is temporary, but the color will not fade over time. The formula forms a shield on Hair, preventing fading while optimizing long-term results. And, unlike other types of hair dye, this product does not require bleaching or perming.

Midnight Magenta Splat hair dye is an easy one-step process that produces a vivid and sensual color. The formula is designed to protect Hair while coloring and gives it a warm glow after. It is made in the USA and is a safe choice for those who want to make a bold statement. It is perfect for brunettes who want to try something a little more dramatic.