Cool Hair Colors For Cool hair Tones

If your skin has cool undertones, select shades highlighting pink or blue hues in your complexion, such as platinum blonde, ash blonde, light browns, and excellent reds.

Medium skin tones will benefit significantly from having a soft beige blond that features warm lowlights to add depth and dimension to their look. For an even more significant effect, add in lowlights yourself!


Are you looking for a natural blonde shade that perfectly balances warm and cool tones? Try this sandy hue. Perfect on medium complexions and matching perfectly with blue eyes, but avoid mixing with warmer gold tones as that could create an unnatural appearance.

Toning is an integral component of blonde hair care, and there are various techniques you can employ to maintain vibrant tones. For instance, if your blonde locks start looking brassy or yellowed over time, ask your colorist to pre-tone using a violet toner like this one (opens in a new tab). This product aims to neutralize yellow tones and leave behind a light, ashy tone to help make blonde hair more neutral. Apply it once or twice weekly (depending on how brassy your locks are) for maximum effects and avoid over-toning. You could also try purple shampoo such as this one, which tones and conditions blonde locks without drying them out; leave them on for two to five minutes, according to how brassy they are.


Neutral skin tones have it made; they can wear almost any shade without fear of washing them out or overpowering their features. When looking for blonde shades, sandy or beige hues work great, while honey highlights can add depth to brown hair colors.

If you need assistance choosing the ideal shade, ask your stylist. They will help you find one that complements your complexion and highlights your natural beauty.

If you want something bold and eye-catching, why not try blue hair color? From pastel to electric shades, there’s sure to be one to match your personality and style. Blue also requires minimal upkeep since its vibrancy lasts so well – just be sure to use color-protected dyes so your hue stays vibrant! Blue-black also looks stunning against neutral skin tones; although it is more challenging to pull off successfully, it is is worth making the effort!


Redheads with cool skin tones should avoid choosing shades that clash with their complexion, such as icy blonde, ash brown, and bright red hues that wash you out or intensify dark circles. Instead, embrace vibrant hues like Sarah Hyland’s signature merlot color to add vibrancy without overpowering it – Arctic Fox hair dye can provide gentle coloring treatments while conditioning locks to maintain vibrant locks for extended.

Cool brown works well for most medium complexions if you’re ready to experiment with darker shades. Or go bold and opt for warm copper hues like Dakota Johnson has by using sulfate-free hair color that won’t dry or fade the scalp; discuss this option with your stylist!


Brunettes can still pull off cool hues in their hair. While light blondes typically have neutral undertones that pair beautifully with light to medium tones in most shades, natural brunettes possess warm undertones that pair nicely with numerous techniques – the key is finding one that complements your complexion and eye color!

Nude hair colors for brunettes have become an increasingly popular trend. When choosing lighter nude colors like dusty lavender, ask your stylist to add subtle highlights and lowlights for an authentic multidimensional result. For something bolder, try metallic or icy hues instead; blue can provide stunning effects that look incredible against cooler skin tones.

Mushroom brown is another vibrant shade, inspired by portobello mushrooms and ideal for medium and dark cool skin tones. If brassiness is an issue, have your stylist use Redken Color Extend Brownlights Toning Shampoo/Conditioner to minimize unwanted yellow tones in your locks.