Rainbow Braiding Hair Extensions

TikTok star Gillcrease’s rainbow ribbon braided hair may take the cake. Her 11-foot look took less than 24 hours to create, from vibrant pink hues to purple tips!

Colorful Box Braids

Colorful braids can add pops of color without committing to dyeing your entire head of locks. As Keke Palmer demonstrated here, this look works best when combined with a neutral makeup palette and lets the colorful strands genuinely pop.

Amandla Stenberg’s Opulent Goddess Look

Amandla Stenberg was stunned at Beyond The Storm’s premiere by wearing this style: she styled her jumbo blonde Kanekalon braids into heart-shaped braids with silver earrings for an opulent goddess look.

Bold Blue Braids

Try bold blue braids with box braids that match your skin tone and highlight your eyes for a look that makes an impactful statement. Or try opting for lighter hues such as pink or purple; the key is finding one that complements and enhances them both.

Gray Braids for Black Hair

If you have black hair, gray is an ideal shade that blends beautifully with its natural hue. For added flair and pop, add neon green as an accent color; just be sure to accessorize accordingly so your colors stand out.

The Longest Braids We’ve Seen

We’ve seen braids that drape gracefully down shoulders, but this style takes it a step further. The rainbow pixie braid reaches all the way down her leg! Perfect for anyone wanting a bold look without damaging their locks.

Lizzo’s Guinness World Record-breaking Braids

Lizzo’s Guinness World Record-breaking “Rumors” music video premiered this week, and its stylist created these braids. They measured 11 feet in length and were made from Phoenixfly and Kanekalon jumbo braids in various UV-reactive colors.

The Hair Stylist Who Created Them

North West may only be preteen, but she’s already giving us hair goals with her rainbow jumbo braids. Stylist Tiffany Gillcrease created these impressive braids, showing the process in a TikTok video and measuring them with a tape measure.

The Best Braiding hair Extensions

Protective hairstyles created using high-quality braiding hair extensions can make a statement in style. Various brands offer extensions in different types, such as micros, minis, tree, Senegalese twist crochet, or box braids.

Difunee Braiding Hair

Difunee Braiding hair is made of top-quality flame-retardant synthetic fiber, which can be fixed into different styles by dipping it in hot water. It has a soft feel, and natural-looking appearance, and comes in numerous colors.

Rasta Afri’s Tangle-Free Braiding Hair

Rasta Afri’s tangle-free braiding hair, available in pastel and rainbow ombre hues, is another highly-respected brand. It is easy to use, has a natural look, and is budget-friendly when purchased in bulk.