Bob haircuts – Best Wallpaper For Men

If you are looking for wallpaper ideas to decorate your bedroom, one great idea is the Bob haircut, which originated in the late 80’s and has gone through several changes since then. A bob haircut, also called a buzz cut, is usually a medium to short length haircut, where the  is usually cut really short around the head, usually with a thin fringe behind the front of the neck. The modern bob haircut still exposes the back of the scalp and leaves most of the hair above the shoulder. There are many different looks that can be achieved by changing the length of the haircut, but either way, the Bob haircut has been used as an icon of the seventies and eighties, originally only in black men’s fashion, but has now become popular in both men and women.

Bob haircuts are very much in style and many people like to wear them. They look great on anyone from all walks of life and really don’t define your look too much. Here we have our pick of the best wallpaper for men. The Bob haircut is one of the most simple and easy to style long hair, but there are variations if you want to make it stand out or add some character to it. Here are our picks of the best wallpaper for men –