Preparing Your Pre Stretched Hair Styles

Before you begin braiding, you’ll want to pre stretch your hair. You can do this with braiding tools like Rastafri’s Silky Braids and X-Pression. You can also hand-stretch your hair for more comfortable braiding. For instructions, check out Kersti Pitre’s tutorial.

Pre-stretched braiding hair

Using pre-stretched braiding Hair is an excellent way to reduce prep time. This type of hair comes already stretched and detangled, making it perfect for braiding. Additionally, this type of hair also has a smoother, sleeker finish than standard braiding Hair.

Pre-stretched braiding hair is a great choice for younger girls and women. It comes in different lengths and is perfect for a variety of styles and Hair textures. Pre-stretched braiding hair can be used for various styles, from simple braids to long cornrows. This type of hair can also be decorated with beads or other accessories.

Pre-stretched braiding hair is an excellent way to add feminine charm to any Hairstyle. This Hairstyle is easy to implement and doesn’t require a lot of time. It’s also great for younger women and looks great with hair accessories.


X-Pression for pre stretched locks is an innovation that offers the convenience of pre-stretched hair. It is a variation of the current X-Pression item and is intended to save you time and effort when braiding hair. This item is inspired by African hair styles and can be used to create a wide variety of traditional, trendy, and classic styles.

EZ Braid Professional

EZ Braid Professional for pre stretched human hair is a synthetic hair product that is itch-free, sweat-resistant, and ultra-light. It is the first synthetic hair on the market and is available in 26-inch lengths. This product is easy to use and saves you hours of time.

The EZBRAID PROFESSIONAL is the new generation of braids, designed for easy use and professional looks. The product is made of 100% Spetra Antibacterial Fiber. This fiber is incredibly resistant to bacteria. This product is a new invention that will become a favorite among professional braiders and consumers alike.

Rastafri’s Silky Braids

Rastafri’s Silky braids for pre stretched hair are lightweight, pre-cut, and layered braids that are easy to use. You can buy this type of braid in a variety of colors and styles.

Rastafri’s pre-stretched hair braids are made of synthetic fibers, which make them low-maintenance. They come in many different colors and styles, and are resistant to tangles and shed.

The Rastafri’s Silky braids are made with Afrelle kanekalon fiber, which provides a silky, comfortable feel. They are also guaranteed to not shed, tangle, or snap.

X-Pression 2X

The X-Pression 2X for Pre Stretched Hair is a new product designed for those who want to braid their hair faster and save time. It’s inspired by African braids and makes it easy to create classic, traditional, and trendy looks with less time and effort.

The two-toned (ombre) hair is made of 100% Kanekalon braiding hair that’s itch-free and antibacterial. The high-quality Kanekalon hair is easy to install and remove from the braider. This product is also available in bundles of two for easier braiding.

X-Pression 3X

X-Pression 3X for Pre Stretched Hair is the #1 recommended pre stretched hair braiding product in the world. This product is pre stretched and layered, making it easier for you to create beautiful braids. It is available in a variety of colors and is incredibly flexible and easy to use.

This pre stretched hair braiding product is a great choice for those who have little or no time to braid their hair. Unlike traditional braiding products, this product can be washed in hot water without damaging your hair. The braids are tangle-free and are made of lightweight Kanekalon hair. You can choose from several colors and braids to make the look your own.

X-Pression 4X

The X-Pression 4X for Pre Stretched Hair is a pre-stretched version of the standard X-Pression item. Using the pre-stretched product will save you preparation time when braiding hair. It is available in four bundles per pack.

2X X-Pression

This product is the pre-stretched version of the current X-Pression item. It is designed to reduce the preparation time for braiding hair. The pre-stretched version of this product is not returnable or exchangeable. Therefore, please check the label carefully before you purchase.

These pre-stretched hair bundles are 100% Kanekalon braiding hair. They are lightweight and very soft. The hair comes in two bundles per pack. Each bundle has approximately 900 strands. These bundles are available in two colors.