Protect Your Curls With Pineapple Hair

Pineapple hair is an updo that helps curly locks look fresh and healthy when styling them in the morning. It prevents the curls from flattening, eliminates frizz, and reduces the need for unnecessary shampooing. This versatile hairstyle works well on all curly hair types, especially when using a scrunchy instead of a hair tie.

How to Do a Pineapple

Many believe that pineapple hair only works with short to medium-length curls. However, it can also help preserve voluminous curly locks overnight. To achieve this, flip your head upside down and gather all your strands into a high ponytail on top of your head. Secure it with a loose scrunchie to avoid indentations or pulling on your locks. Use a satin or silk scrunchie to prevent frizz when untangling your hair in the morning. You can also consider wearing a satin scarf or bonnet for extra protection. The pineapple hairstyle should be done before sleeping each night, and you may use large claw clips or a satin sleep cap for added safety with long locks.

Pineapple for Short Hair

Pineapple hair is a simple concept that involves positioning curly locks high atop your head overnight. This helps preserve the curls and protects them from frizz caused by pillowcases or sheets rubbing against them. This friction can strip away the natural oils, leaving your rings dry and frizzy in the morning. Pull the strands up into a high ponytail for short natural hair and secure with an ouchless elastic band or scrunchie. Longer locks can benefit from adding a satin scarf or bonnet for additional protection. Those with type 4 kinky hair can try pinning the waves into a pineapple with medium-sized claw clips or wearing a silk bonnet instead of scrunchies.

Pineapple for Medium Hair

Pineapple is an effortless nighttime style to protect your curls from frizz while sleeping, especially for curly locks that tend to become wet in humid weather or rain. Wet curls and sleeping can lead to tangling, breakage, and frizz. Pull your circles into a loose high ponytail and secure with an ouchless elastic band or scrunchie that won’t leave creases. Adding a satin scarf or bonnet can provide extra protection. Experiment with different methods to find what works best for you, considering the impact on dry, styled locks.

Pineapple for Long Hair

Although pineapple hair may seem suitable for medium to long natural locks, even ultra-long strands can benefit from this protective style. Use a silk or satin pillowcase, and consider adding a scarf or bonnet for added security. Instead of a high ponytail, create a loose bun and tuck any loose ends to prevent unraveling overnight. Large jaw clips can be helpful as an extra measure. Pineapple is effective in maintaining wash-and-go or flexi-rod straight styles with minimal upkeep. When unwrapping in the morning, be careful not to crush your curls or cause dents or creases. Kind lightly after removing the pineapple for best results.