125+ Long pixie haircut Ideas That You Should Consider

There are numerous styling options for long pixie haircuts. You can go for two-toned coloring, dramatic bangs, or a comb over. There are also various ways to keep the fringe out of your face. These tips will help you create a stylish style. Hopefully, you will find one that suits your personality.

Two-toned coloring

A long pixie cut looks stylish and sophisticated with two-toned coloring. It’s an excellent way to show off your personality while still maintaining the cut’s classic style. It can also enhance your appearance by concealing unsightly features. For this look, you can opt for a blonde or a lighter shade of brown.

Choppy layers can also be used to add more volume and texture to your hairstyle. Choppy layers look great with wispy hair because they create a well-balanced look. In addition, subtle highlights can be added to your hairstyle to make it look a bit more interesting.

Choosing the right two-toned coloring for your hair is essential for achieving the desired results. If you want a subtle blend or a striking contrast, use a Hair toner on your hair first. Alternatively, you can blend different shades, which is referred to as “super blending.” However, this style is entirely up to you. The good thing about this look is that it’s very low maintenance. There’s no need for frequent root touch-ups.

Two-toned coloring is a great way to add character and personality to your long pixie. Whether you’re going for a punk or tomboy-inspired look, you can find a way to incorporate two-toned coloring in your long pixie hair.

The right combination of colors will make your long pixie look incredibly unique. Choose a shade that makes your long pixie look amazing. It’ll make your pixie stand out and get attention.

Dramatic bangs

If you’re growing out your buzz cut but still want to make a fashion statement, consider getting a dramatic bang cut on your long pixie Haircut. Here are some examples. Samira Wiley has an ultra-short buzz cut that’s transitioning into a longer pixie. If you’re growing out your buzz cut, this style is perfect. Alternatively, you could try a layered pixie like Jada Pinkett Smith. The star’s pixie cut is a mix between a bob and a pixie.

For curly hair, long pixie cuts have the advantage of not only being trendy but also low maintenance. They can be styled easily and are great for busy ladies. If you’re having trouble getting the perfect look, try asking a professional stylist for help. The stylist can help you with styling and choosing the right product for your Hair type.

Long pixie Hairstyles with dramatic bangs can be made even more trendy by using a bold color like red or pink. These colors work beautifully with pale skin tones and will make your features look more defined. A pixie with ombre bangs will give you a girly French vibe.

The dramatic bangs on a long pixie haircut will give your hair a retro flair, while the long shaggy bangs on the sides will add volume. You can also try a side-swept long pixie to draw attention to your eyes.

If you want to keep your long pixie long, you can go asymmetrical with the bangs. One side will be longer than the other, so your natural curls will tumble down your face. This will give you a more modern look than a classic symmetrical one.

Comb overs

Comb overs are an excellent way to add texture and length to a long pixie Haircut. They are often achieved with a side part and can be worn up or down. You can add a little shine with a matte or glossy styling product. To add a matte finish, try applying a high hold pomade. You can also use a texturizing paste for added volume. The most common variation of comb overs is the medium fade. This style features a smooth transition and is less extreme than the high fade.

To add some personality to a long pixie, add a little extra volume and texture by combing upwards from the roots. You can also add a punk-lite flair by rolling the hairstyle over. A long pixie can look great with soft-hold styling gel applied backwards. You can also add a signature undercut for a unique style. The undercut can be tailored to the shape of your face, and you can also use a dyed area to contrast the natural look.

A long pixie with a medium fade is feminine yet edgy. Adding some blonde highlights to this style will make it more appealing to your pixie. A bright blue long pixie looks amazing on a woman with a bold personality. During the cut, your stylist should make sure to keep a little fringe hanging over the eyebrows. You should also comb the hair forward so you can add curls or waves to it.

A long pixie with a bangs is a top trend at the moment. It can be worn by women of all ages and shapes. This hairstyle requires more frequent maintenance than a traditional long pixie. You will also have to be patient in growing out the cut and deal with bedhead.

Various styling options

When it comes to long pixie Hairstyles, you can create a variety of different looks. You can try to get one side longer than the other, or you can go for a straighter look. You can also choose to add some color to the cut for a more daring effect.

A taper is a great addition to a long pixie cut. It creates a subtle graduation in length and a nice textured finish. Textured hair adds visual fullness and movement. You can also apply hair wax upwards for added volume.

The pixie hairstyle has numerous benefits, and it is a great choice for many people. The style is unique and stands out from the crowd. It adds volume and oomph to a woman’s hair while highlighting the beauty of her face. Katy Perry’s long pixie haircut showed how a short side and a long side can complement each other.

A long pixie hairstyle is a great option for those who want to experiment with different hairstyles. Unlike short hairstyles, this style allows the wearer to experiment with hair textures. If you have long hair on top, you can try curling it for a fun beach wave, or you can straighten it for a sleek look. The possibilities are endless!

You can also go for a layered long pixie. This haircut has random short layers throughout the hair, generating extra thickness around the crown. The long pixie can be worn straight or ruffled. This haircut looks best on women with oval or oblong face shapes. Another benefit of this cut is that it requires minimal effort on your part.

Effortless styling

If you’re looking for the perfect transition from relaxed hair to natural, the pixie cut is a great way to get there. A pixie is great for those who haven’t had their hair cut or relaxed in eight weeks or longer, and it’s especially perfect for those who haven’t relaxed their hair prior to quarantine. While most people fear transitioning to their natural hair, the good news is that the pixie is great for both summer and spring!

A modern pixie haircut is great for adding chunks of color to create a unique style. This style looks great with soft blondes, bold reds, or other fun shades of color. Many celebrities and tastemakers are sporting cool and vibrant pixie hair. Colorful pixie hair is even making its way onto the runway. At the fall 2021 Dolce & Gabbana show, Guido Palau sprayed pixies in a range of pastel shades.

Another great option is a pixie with layered hair. The shaggy, easy-to-manage look of a layered pixie works with every face shape. It’s a great option for busy women and works with both curly and straight hair.

The key to styling a pixie is to find the right products. Sea salt spray and curling foam are essential, especially for a natural look. You can use these products to add a little extra volume and curls. For the best effect, scrunch your hair after applying the products.

One way to decide if a pixie is the right style for you is to do a pixie test. First, try to observe the way your face and neck look when you wear it. If your facial features are small and your neck is round or oval, a pixie cut is likely to suit your facial shape. You can also opt for a pixie that has a side shave and side-swept bangs that draw attention to your cheekbones.