Florida Hairstyles

Florida hairstyles are stylish and unique. You can enhance them by following current hair color trends or using texturizing spray to add volume and texture.

Wick Dreads

Wick dreads are one of the best Florida hairstyles, consisting of thick dreadlocks that stand up like candle wicks and are popular among Africans and Americans.


The balayage hair coloring technique is a freehand coloring method that creates an organic-looking appearance without harsh regrowth lines, ideal for curly or wavy locks. Furthermore, this style requires less maintenance than other color techniques and offers multiple camouflaging solutions for graying hair.

Long Hair

Long beachy waves are an iconic Florida hairstyle, embodying its laid-back culture perfectly. However, many Floridians opt for shorter styles that are easier to manage in the heat and humidity – such as pixie cuts, bobs, or layered looks – which make a stylish statement without being cumbersome.

Short Hair

Florida weather requires short hairstyles that work with its humidity. Pixie cuts make a straightforward statement that will look great, whether worn casually or styled for any event. Add volume with volumizing mousse or dry texturizing spray to keep it in place all day.

Wick Dreads

Wick dreads are an iconic hairstyle seen initially in South Florida. Since celebrities like Kodak Black began wearing them, the trend has gained widespread acceptance. It has become an excellent way to showcase individuality while staying cool in hotter environments.

Pineapple Pony

Pineapple ponytails are an effective way to protect your locks during sleep. Simple yet stylish, the style can keep curls intact, which is especially useful after spending hours curling them using a wand or iron.