How to Style Long Men’s Hair

Long hair can be attractive, yet styling requires more maintenance and care than short locks. Furthermore, regular trims should be scheduled.

Long shoulder-length hair

Long shoulder-length hair is fashionable and flattering – perfect for men experimenting with bangs!

Man Bun

Man buns are currently an extremely fashionable style for guys with long hair. Not only are they sleek and attractive, but their manageability also makes them great options for all hair textures, from thick to wavy.

History of Man Buns

Though the man bun may seem like an old trend, its roots can be traced back centuries. Samurai warriors wore them during battle in Japan during the 1500s; Western barbarians donned them in the 1700s; even Terracotta Soldiers from 2nd Century China donned them. Regaining its prominence was only seen again during the 2010s thanks to male celebrities like Jared Leto and Brad Pitt, who helped popularize it again through hipster culture trends like hipster buns. Today, men of all ages and backgrounds wear man buns, often worn alongside an attractive shirt, beard, or cool pants but can also be styled slick and pressed if desired – make sure that every nine weeks, trim off any sides or nape hairs for a clean-cut appearance.


The half-up is one of the most versatile styles, regardless of hair length or texture. From elaborate braided designs that feel romantic to bare buns and twists, you can dress it up or wear it casually depending on your event or daytime look. Furthermore, loose strands around your face soften their appearance.

Adding a Beautiful Bow

Adding a beautiful bow is an effortless way to elevate any half-up style, whether a craft ribbon, silk hair scarf, or even an oversized bow clip. This beauty wore hers alongside dusty rose flowers, perfectly completing her autumnal nuptials in Napa.

Change Up Your Side Part

Change your side part by shifting it away from the center of your face for an eye-catching effect, instantly elevating the sophistication of a half-updo. Secure it with discreet hairpins before misting on TRESemme Extra Hold Hairspray for all-day protection against wind or sweaty workout classes!

Slightly Unkempt

An untidy style can be the ideal compromise between looking stylish and remaining informal or clean-cut, which is also popular among emo, punk, and Indie pop culture members. Get that slight unruly look with short hair by giving it plenty of volume and teasing it generously, adding chunks of color, or highlights, or using gel/wax products for texture to give an unruly finish. Perfect for casual and semi-formal events!


The ponytail is an effortlessly classic style, making a statement whether worn casually or dressed up. No matter the texture and length of your hair, the ponytail makes for an eye-catching style with ease. Add details like wrapped finishes or delicate hair accessories like those seen on Priyanka Chopra to personalize this timeless style further!

Combining Your Ponytail and Braid

Combining your ponytail and braid for an eye-catching style can make an impressive statement, or consider opting for the Madelaine Petsch signature DNA braid look as Madelaine did for even more uniqueness and versatility – plus it works beautifully with wavy hair – making this style ideal for summer!

Polished Ponytail with a Helix Wrap

Make your ponytail feel more polished using a helix wrap to conceal its elastic. It is simple and will give your style a feminine edge; perfect for date night or formal events!