Blonde Braiding Hair

Blonde braided hairstyles can make an exciting statement at any season; it can even serve as an effective protective style during the cold months! To dye blonde braids, fill a spray bottle with acrylic ink and rubbing alcohol, add your chosen hue, mix thoroughly, and dip your braids for approximately 15 minutes before letting them sit to set.

Medium Chunky Box Braids

Medium box braids are a trendy style for adding volume and protection, perfect for ponytails and half-up/half-down styles. Plus, their colorful flair adds an eye-catching accent. One way to spice up your blonde braids is with a wavy finish. This elegant style stands out from other hairstyles while showing off your face and cheekbones in style. For an eye-catching statement look, why not combine warm red tones with gold braid cuffs for your box braids? This beautiful and unique style will set them apart from other parts of your hair. Add curls at the ends for an authentic Bohemian touch; adding curls will further enhance their originality.

Caramel Toned Box Braids

Gold and brown hues combine beautifully to form an eye-catching combination that women love for its soothing yet strong appearance. Women find this combination especially suited to long blonde box braids as it adds dimension. Add some sparkle and shimmer to your blonde box braids by incorporating silver cuffed beads. It’s an effortless way of adding flair and style into any ensemble! Create long, lovely blonde box braids and use the platinum blonde at the ends and dark brown at the roots to form an interesting yin-yang design. For an ultra chic look, wear your braids in a ponytail or bun for more chic effect; just be sure to use an effective scalp treatment to avoid itching and dryness! You could even add a long scarf in an eye-catching shade as an elegant finishing touch to complete your ensemble!

Thick Jumbo Medium Blonde Box Braids

Blonde box braids offer women who wish to experiment with blonde hair color without dying their natural locks an easy and versatile solution. From half and full ponytails, space buns, short bobs, and messy topknots – or adding curls for an ultramodern style – blonde box braids offer something new! Add some black extensions to your blonde box braids for an edgy, modern look – perfect for Cruella de Vil! If you want to amp up the drama with your blonde box braids, a bold electric blue hue could be just what’s needed! Not only is this stylish and trendy, but you may find many compliments coming your way from both friends and colleagues! Cuffed beads or hair rings can be added for decoration – just keep some strands unbraided to give an extra textured effect.

Medium Blonde Micro Braids

If you’re not ready to embrace all things blonde yet, try going for an effortless style by mixing brown and blonde micro braids together for an organic appearance. Add caramel hues for an additional richer finish! This jumbo box braid style is an effective way to add volume and length to your locks while simultaneously maintaining an aesthetically pleasing style. Tuck or leave untucked for a more casual appearance! Zoe Kravitz made this stylish hairdo famous! If you love her aesthetic, you will adore this dope style, which combines small blonde micro braids with loose wavy texture for an eye-catching aesthetic. Additionally, this style works great when worn with a side part to frame your face. Use a hydrating spray when your braids start getting dry to keep their voluminous volume and keep this protective style lasting up to one month with proper care – or longer if desired!