Easy Layered Haircuts

Layering your hair creates texture, dimension, and movement while framing your face and giving you a brand-new look. This video offers an effective method for cutting layered hair in short sections using what are known as beach ball sections – narrow and then flare out sections that gradually expand outwards.

Straight Layers

Layers can add dimension and movement to straight hairstyles. Junior Estevam (@juniorestvamhair) suggests adding these layers for an unfussy silhouette without creating harsh lines. If your strands are naturally wavy, use a light volumizing product such as Redkin Aerate to add large vertical curls for a soft layered effect. Once done, use a light holding spray to keep your style intact. Layers add dimension and youthful vibrancy to pixie cuts, giving the cut an ultra chic and youthful aesthetic. Ask your stylist to add platinum highlights to the short layers for a modern, feminine style that elongates the face while emphasizing key facial features and complements all ages. A middle part can complete this look, further emphasizing its chicness. This look is suitable for any special event and occasion as well as all ages!

Side-Swept Layers

If you want a bit of added drama in your locks, look no further than this lovely soft-edged style. To achieve it, ask your stylist to use an “internal layering technique,” which creates layers that won’t show when looking directly at your strands. This long, layered haircut with side-swept bangs echoes a 1970s feathered style. The layers have various lengths cut at different intervals, and her front hair was pulled back away from her face for a unique yet subdued style. This romantic yet modern and feminine hairstyle features long, wavy layers that create a romantic yet modern and feminine aesthetic. To recreate it, start by applying volumizing products like Briogeo Blossom