Hair Color Ideas For Light and Dark Auburn Hair

Auburn Hair: A Beautiful Shade That Complements Many Skin Tones

Auburn hair is a gorgeous reddish-brown shade that looks amazing on light and dark brunettes. It adds a rich warmth to your look and complements many skin tones. Add a subtle hint of caramel to enhance your auburn hue for a complementary and attractive look. To maintain the vibrancy of your color, use shampoos and conditioners specifically designed to preserve the shade and protect against fading.

Sun-Kissed Auburn: One of the Trendiest Hair Colors

Sun-Kissed Auburn is a popular hair color trend this year. It combines blonde, brunette, and red tones to create a warm and vibrant shade. This color looks stunning on wavy locks and beautifully brings out green eyes. Halsey, for example, rocks a light chestnut hue that frames her face beautifully and suits her cool complexion. It’s best to consult a professional hair colorist for optimal results, mainly if you use a box dye like Clairol’s Nice ‘N Easy 8SC Sandy Copper Blonde. Babylights and balayage techniques can be applied over a light base color, such as blonde or bronde, while darker hues may need to be lifted before adding auburn highlights to maintain their vibrancy. Regular touch-ups and limiting how often you wash your hair can also help preserve the vibrant hue for as long as possible.

Deep Auburn: The Perfect Balance Between Brown and Red

Deep brown hair color is an excellent choice for those who want to try red without fully committing to copper shades. It offers a stunning blend of brown and red tones, complementing most complexions, especially medium skin tones. To add dimension to your light brown strands, consider incorporating blonde highlights for an eye-catching result. This technique works particularly well on wavy or textured locks, adding depth and enhancing movement. Whether you’re a brunette looking for a standout reddish brown shade or a woman with darker skin tones craving something bold and vibrant, deep auburn is a luxurious choice that suits various age groups and undertones.

Lighter Ends: Refreshing Auburn hair with Subtle Blonde Highlights

If you want to refresh your auburn hair without significantly lightening it, try adding some delicate blonde highlights. These highlights work well around framing areas for a softer effect, especially on darker auburn hues that pop with the addition of blonde strands. Warm copper red looks fantastic on all skin tones, especially those with warmer complexions. This natural hue works wonders on thin or delicate strands and can be styled in countless ways. To maintain silky auburn locks, use sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioning masks. If you need more time to get ready to go altogether lighter, a subtle strawberry auburn balayage can be a great option. This feminine tone looks beautiful with beach waves or loose coils and can be easily maintained with sulfate-free hair products.

Blonde Highlights: Adding Dimension to Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark brown hair colors have a classic appeal, and blonde highlights can add dimension by lightening and softening the hue. When done well, this contrasting combination creates an eye-catching look regardless of hair length. For a balayage style, start with a red base and gradually transition into honey-blonde streaks to create an effortless ombre effect. These honey-blonde hues warm up the darker brown tones and blend them harmoniously, framing your face beautifully. Babylights are another technique that lightens an auburn shade while adding texture and depth to the locks, creating a sassy and textured vibe. Babylights work exceptionally well on long, wavy locks; the lighter tones enhance dimension. Use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners to maintain the fresh reddish hue and prevent fading, as reds tend to fade faster than other colors.