Cool hair Cuts For Boys

No matter their dress code requirements or styling preferences, your child can still rock an immaculate look with a fade on the sides and a long top. A fine comb and mid-hold pomade are great ways to achieve this unique boys’ haircut.

High and Tight

A high and tight men’s haircut offers a timeless style that is easy to maintain. Like a crew cut, but typically longer on top and shorter at the sides, the high and tight is ideal for adding dapper charm with beard styling or using hair gels or pomades for texture and shaping.

If you want a unique take on the high and tight, ask your barber to combine it with an undercut and skin fade for a trendy, chic look that stands out. The result will create an eye-catching style perfect for anyone wanting to stand out in any crowd.

Undercut Fade with a Hard Part

Undercut fade with hard part is an edgy style perfect for boys who like to show off their personality through hair. It works well when styled with a quiff, pompadour, or slick back looks for added impact.

This haircut is an increasingly popular option among black boys because it highlights their natural texture. Our stylists will fade the sides while leaving a medium-length top that can be styled using products like styling gel or pomade.

If your son wants to try a mohawk but is shying away from going all-out, our stylists can create a more subtle version by shaving off just part of his forehead.

Middle Part

For a grungier aesthetic, opt for a middle-part hairstyle. Long favored by singer-songwriters and rebellious burnouts alike, its short sides and long top make this timeless look suitable for formal or casual events.

Middle partings work well for those with oval, diamond, and heart-shaped faces as it emphasizes symmetry.

K-Pop stars such as BTS, Monsta X, and NCT frequently sport middle parts with face-framing bangs or worn straight to accentuate their angular features. This hairstyle looks great on boys of all ages and can be styled using protective styles like twists.

Surfer Haircut

Surfer haircuts are an easy and stylish way to add beachy charm. The style features longer locks on the top with shorter sides for an unrefined, carefree vibe – ideal for when left naturally messy or windblown!

Red hair kids will especially love this style as it highlights their vibrant hue. Additionally, its shoulder-length silhouette pairs nicely with sunglasses and casual attire for an eye-catching look.

Man buns can be the greatest and worst things that happen to boys’ hair, yet when done right can look incredible. Keep it messy and unruly as possible to achieve maximum effect, and grow a beard or stubble for maximum impact.

Messy Fringe

If you want an effortless style with minimal upkeep, look no further than the messy fringe. Combining Caesar-inspired edge with disheveled thick hair adds flair and style while simultaneously hiding any cowlicks present.

A flowing messy fringe makes a striking combination with short sides or fades and can be styled using pomade or matte clay for a polished finish. However, its unruly character adds character and style. Plus, it will suit every face shape perfectly while increasing height naturally!

Short Textured Bangs

If your boy has textured hair, this style can make him look sophisticated and stylish. A low taper with a hard part can add some dimension and even be worn for special events.

This classic boy haircut is ideal for the sophisticated individual who wishes to showcase his personality through style. This timeless cut boasts a simple, outlined shape that complements any ensemble beautifully.

Add some variation to your boy’s look with this effortless style, featuring short textured hair on the top with a fade and shaved line for a unique style easily managed using a fine comb and styling gel.