Cool Boy Haircuts 2020

Boys looking for an elegant yet polished appearance will adore this trendy cropped haircut. Boasting a low taper fade, and fashionable quiff creates an eye-catching shape-up Mohawk that works equally well at school or on more formal occasions.

Step up a short crew cut with high, spiky spikes that both boys and adults love. Use light pomade for this hairstyle that looks crisp and professional.

Taper Fade with Comb-Over

Taper fades with comb-overs are an attractive yet practical style option for boys with thick hair, creating an effortlessly stylish look. Gradually tapering your length from sides and back, leaving a medium amount on top that can be styled back for a swept-back effect with short bangs – this style requires only quality pomade for effortless style!

Nguyen describes this style as the optimal way to achieve “a classic old-school comb-over without high fade contrast.” You can ask your barber to soften the part instead of creating hard lines for a more natural appearance.

Young English actor Asa Butterfield debuted this stylish haircut at the “Ender’s Game” premiere, pairing it with an eye-catching suit. The style features a combed-over side part and tapered sides, which complement his face structure beautifully.

Spiky Sides

Spiky haircuts for boys are an adorable way to highlight your little one’s beautiful eyes and cheeky cheeks. This medium-length boy haircut features a trendy French crop fade with lots of chunky texture for added height and style, making this punk, skater, or sports style ideal for children.

Thicker spikes create an eye-catching pompadour in this unique haircut featuring a hard side part and low skin fade for a clean appearance. Perfect for boys with thick locks.

Modern pompadours feature an easy-to-maintain style that boasts clean lines. Light wax or gel can easily create this look to showcase your personality while emphasizing the volume in your strands.

Undercut Fade with Hard Part

Not just men can sport this in-demand haircut trend: boys too can make the hard part their own! This style narrows the face while looking great, no matter your hair texture or length.

An updated classic crew cut, whether regular or skin fade, can benefit from adding an eye-catching lineup for a highly flattering style. It works great on any hairstyle, but is especially effective with taper fades emphasizing impressive volume. Add some pomade or gel and blowback for a sleek ‘do. This style can also easily accommodate curly or wavy locks for school and sports activities – offering stylish alternatives to mohawks!

Drop Fade with Quiff

Boys looking to showcase their rebellious side may opt for the shaved fade with a quiff haircut. Made popular after appearing on Peaky Blinders, this unique and striking style makes a statement about oneself while remaining cool and unique.

Use pomade to add low-key spikes for an edgier finish by creating subtle points on top. This will add texture and volume to your hair for a stylish modern look with an edge.

If you prefer something casual, why not try a faux hawk fade with long hair on top? This style is excellent for mixed kids who desire a distinct, curly, and versatile look that can be styled in multiple ways.

Middle-Part Haircut

Create an effortless boy haircut by parting your long locks down the middle and allowing each side to fall freely on opposite sides. Use hair products for added dapperness! This might be your perfect look if your locks are curly or wavy!

This classic boy cut features tapered sides and an unruly pompadour on top. Perfect for all events, from soccer practice to Sunday morning church service.

Medium-length hair gives boys plenty of ways to express themselves when styling it in various attractive ways. They can slick it back or brush it forward to create bangs, use hair gel for texture or an aged appearance, or slick back their locks altogether!