How to Style Medium Length Hairstyles

Shoulder length hair can be the ideal balance between super short pixie cuts and flowing Ariel locks. Its versatility enables anyone to style it to their personal liking without looking overly lengthy or heavy.

A shoulder-length cut can look both chic and boho chic. Medium Length

Medium length haircuts provide the ideal balance between style and maintenance requirements. Short or long styles require considerable styling time, while medium length ‘dos look great regardless of texture or style. They can easily be enhanced through color adjustments or layering techniques.

Long Length

Long hair can be styled in many different ways to suit any face shape and enhance its features. From adding volume or fullness to softening sharp features or emphasizing eyes and cheekbones, long locks have an endless number of styling possibilities to suit every need.

Short Length

Be it a classic pixie or sleek taper fade, the ideal haircut can help bring out your best features. For anyone seeking extra volume in their short hairstyles, add texture with gels or mousse. For tightly cropped lengths with definition, it’s easy to add definition with light hold products and a quick blow dry.