Dustin May Hair

1. It’s a beautiful color

Dustin May, a Los Angeles Dodgers in Major League Baseball (MLB) prospect, is known for his vibrant red locks. His hair has captivated even casual baseball fans and has become his distinguishing feature. Recently, May got engaged and celebrated the occasion with a memorable photo shoot.

2. It’s bouncy

When Dustin May takes the mound for the Dodgers, his red hair bounces like Carrot Top. It has gained attention in a tournament that determined the player with the best hair in MLB. May’s fans supported him throughout the competition, and they are eagerly waiting to witness any hairstyle transformation he might have in the future.

3. It’s long

Dustin May’s shoulder-length curly red hair has earned him the nickname “Gingergaard,” about another long-haired MLB pitcher, Noah Syndergaard. Standing at 6-foot-6 and with a more mature appearance than his age suggests, May is easily recognizable. Alongside his distinctive hair, his pitching delivery and impressive repertoire have caught the attention of both scouting and casual baseball fans.

4. It’s textured

Aside from his explosive fastball, Dustin May’s great hair flow adds visual interest to his game. His flowing locks have drawn comparisons to Carrot Top’s hair. May’s pitching skills, including his impressive two-seamer and slider, have made him a target for MLB scouts. Added to his talent, May’s attention-grabbing hairdo and unique leg kick make him an overall captivating player.

5. It’s thick

Dustin May’s commanding presence on the mound and his striking red hair adorned with full, bouncy curls have won over fans. Known for his fierce competition, May has even entered hair competitions, facing off against Dansby Swanson. May’s fans are supporting him hoping to claim victory in the tournament.