Best Styler For Wavy Hair

Wavy hair requires the perfect balance of moisture to remain soft, sleek, and manageable–too much water leads to greased-up locks, too little, and your waves become crunchy and unruly. Look for moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil; avoid harsh chemical products like sulfates and formaldehyde that strip your scalp of its natural oils. Opt for low-porosity formulas to help minimize frizz and define your curl pattern.

Twice monthly, use a clarifying shampoo to “reset” your wave pattern by dissolving product build-up and refresh your wave patterns.

Bed Head Deep Waver

The Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver is invaluable for creating gorgeous beachy waves. It boasts an intuitive deep barrel design that can quickly and effortlessly create waves; additionally, several heat settings accommodate different hair types. The Wave Artist features a deep barrel design that allows for styling one-inch sections for natural-looking beach waves or larger ones to create uniform, sculpted waves. Plus, with so much power behind this device, you can produce beautiful, complete waves all day and night. This product has been upgraded with several unique features, including Worldwide Dual Voltage and double dosage of Tourmaline Ceramic Technology to deliver massive shine with long-term frizz-free results.

Furthermore, this device includes auto shut-off and plate locking switch safety measures to provide peace of mind. Plus, it comes in an eye-catching 2018 Ultraviolet Purple hue to make your bathroom counters pop! This device may be your answer if you want a look similar to beachy waves. With its deep barrel design, fast heat-up time, and tangle-free swivel cord features, this tool provides everything needed for creating beachy waves.

TRESemmé Tourmaline Curl Wonder Wand

Curling wands are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to revitalize natural waves and curls or transform them into new forms, adding texture, volume, movement, or volume. The size of your barrel has an enormous influence over your curls’ shape – consider your hair length and desired results when selecting one. According to celebrity hairstylist Sally Hershberger, smaller barrels produce tighter, springier coils, while larger barrels create looser, beachy waves. A tapered end can also give your curls added volume while adding volume for volume or texturization effects.

TRESemme Tourmaline Curl Wonder Wand is an industry-leading professional-grade wand featuring all of the top features to provide beautiful loose waves or curls that last throughout the day, using tourmaline ceramic barrel and negative ion conditioning technology to lock in moisture, eliminate static electricity, smooth hair shaft to avoid frizzing, breakage, while providing up to 185degC of heat that won’t harm strands and scalps. The excellent tip on this wand helps protect your hands while styling, with a 360-degree swivel cord and temperature indicator to avoid tangling or knotting universal voltage suitable for traveling users, and an integrated heat mat to protect surfaces during styling sessions. This slim and lightweight design makes this wand easy to tuck into any bag for quick touch-ups. Our testers loved that reaching maximum temperatures only takes 20 seconds, making it very user-friendly. Travel-friendly features include an auto shut-off after 30 minutes of inactivity as well as an integrated heat rest that helps prevent burns underneath the wand; additionally, it comes complete with heat-resistant gloves to provide additional protection and features such as its snag-free surface which won’t tangle or breakage!

Oribe Curl Wonder Wand

This wand is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve stunning curls or waves, featuring a tourmaline barrel for smooth, glossy texture and ion field technology that seals in your natural oils. Additionally, far infrared heat gently heats from within for gentle styling; 5 interchangeable heads allow for multiple styles; protective heat shield, 360-degree swivel cord, and more complete the package! Oribe is an innovative brand in the world of hair care, but its products are costly (ranging from $26-$76 for full-size products). Therefore, investing in an excellent heat protectant spray to prevent heat damage caused by irons, wands, or other styling tools is crucial to keep hair looking its best and healthy.

OGX Curl Wonder Wand

This OGX wand stands out from other drugstore options by featuring several convenient features that distinguish itself from them, including its user-friendly digital display and auto shut-off feature, moisturizing heat technology that protects strands while styling, five interchangeable barrels for various curl sizes, and its auto shut off feature. It is also an ideal option for those with varied styles to express through styling!

Before selecting a wand, consider your hair length and desired results when selecting its barrel size. Sally Hershberger of celebrity hairstyling company Sally Hershberger recommends that if beachy waves or loose, relaxed curls are expected, choose a wider barrel with loose waves. In contrast, tighter, defined curls require smaller ones. Furthermore, the material used can impact results as ceramic or tourmaline rods retain moisture better than other types; thicker hair types tend to tolerate higher temperatures more efficiently, while Hershberger suggests prioritizing moisture retention to avoid dryness or brittleness upon regular use.

OGX products are known for containing nourishing ingredients like coconut and argan oils and being free from sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde donors, plastic microbeads, etc. Our testers awarded this particular OGX wand with four out of five ratings regarding styling ability and hold.

As part of their testing process, our testers noted that this wand quickly heats up with even heat distribution across its titanium barrel. It is easy to control and maneuver during styling with shorter sections with minimal snagging near its base iron base. All testers were thoroughly pleased with this wand’s performance and enjoyed creating voluptuous curls; all agreed it is an outstanding value at its price and an essential tool for any budding glam queen!