Inexpensive Haircuts Near Me

Many salons provide basic haircuts for less than $20, including Supercuts, Great Clips, Sports Clips, and SmartStyle. Junior stylists in these salons offer significant cuts at reduced costs. Consider using Groupon or similar deal websites for coupons, or look for salons with loyalty programs for affordable haircuts.

Independent Salons

Finding a new salon for haircuts doesn’t have to be complicated. Plenty of affordable salons offer reasonable rates, and some even provide free shampoo services. Just find one that meets your needs and understand the process of finding them. Barbershops are the most cost-effective, especially in places like New York City, where you can get a haircut from an established barber for under $30 and additional services like color or Keratin treatments.

Online Booking

Try visiting a salon that provides online booking. Many salons allow you to schedule appointments as early as five minutes after they open, and their estimated wait times update as the salon becomes busier.

Cosmetology Schools

Cosmetology schools offer training for salon work, covering hair care, nail care, skin care, business development, and customer service practices. They also provide hands-on training with beauty products. Some schools offer discounted student haircuts, which are much cheaper than professional salons. Prices vary depending on the cut chosen, with basic cuts typically priced around $25 and additional costs for coloring or highlights. Enrolling in a cosmetology program requires a high school diploma or GED certificate and identification documents for eligibility verification.

Salon-Specific Ways to Get a Cheap Haircut

Consider signing up for salon loyalty programs that may reward you with free cuts or offer first-time customer discounts. Groupon might also have deals targeting salon services. Visiting a new salon during its opening weeks can save money on your initial cut, and some salons offer student discounts. Avoiding the cost of washing can also help save on haircut expenses, but make sure your stylist can still see your head shape clearly if you have a dry scalp.