Spice Up Your Brunette Hair With Cinnamon Red hair Color

Cinnamon red hair color offers a bold way to bring life and vibrancy into brunette locks, complementing different base hair colors and skin tones beautifully.

This vibrant shade stands out from its counterparts by being profound yet subtle at once.

Gigi Hadid and the Bold Affection for Cinnamon Red Hair Color

In 2015, Gigi Hadid famously displayed her affection for this bold hue.

To achieve the same vibrant effect, ask your stylist to create a dark chocolate brown base with reddish-brown highlights throughout.

Dark Cinnamon Red For Brunettes with Black Hair

If you have black hair, your colorist can hand-paint a deep cinnamon-red shade that will add warmth and dimension.

While not as vibrant as traditional light cinnamon-red hues, it still looks stunning.

This dark cinnamon red shade with mahogany brown undertones complements most eye colors and skin tones, providing an ideal alternative to bleaching hair to reach typical cinnamon red shades.

Another method to achieve the dark cinnamon red shade without bleaching your locks is having your stylist hand-paint a dark cinnamon red balayage on your face-framing locks.

This look has become popular among celebrities, providing an eye-catching glow while maintaining the integrity of natural locks.

You could also use this technique to spice up blonde with red highlights; its vibrant orange-cinnamon hue works beautifully on most skin tones and hair textures.

Light Cinnamon Red, a Subdued Alternative

Cinnamon red can still achieve the look if you prefer more subdued colors.

This shade leans more towards brown than red and works best on light to medium skin and eye colors.

Create this hue using Schwarzkopf Palette Perfect Care Color hair Dye in shade 644 Dark Cinnamon or Goldwell TopChic Professional Hair Colour in 6KG from their respective palettes – these shades boast warm copper undertones that complement most skin tones and eye shades.

Chestnut Red: Subtle Variation on Ginger Hair

Chestnut Red, often called chestnut red, is a subtler variation on ginger hair that’s achieved using either the balayage technique or applying highlights throughout your mane.

SZA and Kerry Washington both wear this shade of cinnamon hair with mahogany layers for an impactful look that is easily toned back if your tastes or needs change quickly.

It makes an excellent alternative to traditional blonde highlights for those seeking something less conventional or subdued; plus, this look makes changing up or quick fixes easier than standard blonde highlights!

Cinnamon hair can be an attractive way to try new trends without bleaching your locks.

Ask your colorist to add ribbons of lighter ginger color throughout darker auburn strands for an eye-catching and low-maintenance shade that will show off your eye color while simultaneously complementing the shape of your face.

As demonstrated here by Keke Palmer, adding ribbons of lighter ginger hue into darker auburn locks will produce an eye-catching and flattering shade that will brighten eyes and complete any face shape!

Cinnamon Red: Exquisite Choice for Black Hair

Cinnamon red is an exquisite choice for black hair.

Whether you dye all or part of your mane this hue or use the balayage technique to achieve this beautiful hue, the results will be stunning – especially against Drew Barrymore’s dark complexion!

This hue looks incredibly vibrant against dark skin tones.

Coppery Shades: An Alternative to Cinnamon

If you prefer something lighter, coppery shades that lean more orange than red may be an ideal alternative to cinnamon shades.

Rihanna’s stunning locks showcase this shade perfectly as she showcases it against her natural brown roots while lightening toward the ends for a low commitment and sensual hue that pairs beautifully with bangs.

Brownish Cinnamon Red: Winter-Friendly Options

Winter-friendly colors like the vibrant cinnamon wash from Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics are ideal for brunettes seeking to spice up their natural hue with coppery tones.

Wear it as an all-over cinnamon wash or incorporate it into an ash balayage style for maximum effect.

Carmichael suggests using shampoo and conditioner with color-preserving ingredients like Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics to maintain vibrant tones throughout.

Brownish Cinnamon Red: A Versatile Choice

Celebrities like Issa Rae, Debra Messing, and Ayesha Curry, who wear brownish cinnamon red hues, include Issa Rae, Debra Messing, and Ayesha Curry.

This warm shade complements all skin tones beautifully and looks incredibly stunning when worn with long natural curls or sleek bob styles such, as Zoey Deutsch has done.

A Classic Choice: Deep Cinnamon Red

If you want a deep cinnamon red without bleaching your hair, ask your stylist for a milk chocolate brown base with reddish-brown highlights throughout.

This classic shade suits most people and requires much less maintenance than blonde or red locks – Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have long favored this hue!