Peach Hair Color For Redheads and Lighter Skin

Redheads should opt for a light peach shade that leans more orange than rosy pink; those with more delicate skin can experiment with vibrant pastels closer to carrot orange.

Using this method, brunettes can use balayage to add peach hues to their locks; it works excellently and complements naturally brown roots perfectly.

Peach Blonde

Peach blonde is an easy way to add subtle peachy hues without going full neon, making it the ideal solution for anyone seeking an exciting summery color without bleaching their locks completely. A stylist will blend light shades of blonde with tones of peach and pink for this style, creating an exquisite, warm hue that works great with almost every type.

Gold tones can help tone down the vibrancy of vibrant peach hair colors, creating a more wearable look for everyday life. This more subdued approach to this trend is especially suitable for brunettes who find brighter hues of peach overwhelming, and copper-toned copper will add autumn-friendly shimmer.

Indie singer Willa Mims knows how to rock a vibrant peach hair color, but its striking highlights set this look off. For this multi-tonal look, Makenna Elmore of Lola Salon in Toronto combined several shades of pink and peach hues into Willa’s natural blonde base for an eye-catching result complete with streaks of yellow rose and blush colors resembling that of an irresistibly creamy sorbet hue replete with beautiful lines of yellow, rose and blush hues resembling that of Willa herself.

Light Peach with Coral Tones

A light peach hue can look beautiful on blondes with cool undertones. Stylist Kryssi of IGK Salon in New York used Overtone Color on this client’s blonde locks to achieve this refreshing yet shimmery peach-coral shade – it pairs perfectly with blue eyes!

Neon Peach

An eye-catching neon peach shade is an enchanting choice for those who like their hair to draw the spotlight. Allure discovered this eye-catching dye work by Los Angeles hairstylist Jessica Jewel, who transformed a platinum blonde client’s platinum mane into neon peach using Pulp Riot’s Neon Electric line and blended four parts Candy (bright pink) with one part Lava (an eye-catching orange hue) to achieve this vibrant yet gentle shade.

Pastel Peach

Women with lighter skin tones and blue or green eyes often find pastel peach incredibly flattering. It will pair nicely with many makeup looks, especially striking when worn alongside bronze eyeshadow and red lips.

How Long Will Peach hair Last?

Regarding peach, semi-permanent formulas are your best bet for maintaining its hue. These won’t damage strands and will wash out within three weeks – however, be sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for colored hair and regular deep conditioning treatments to prolong its effects.

A demi-permanent shade might be worth exploring if you want something more permanent than temporary color options. While it will remain on longer than its permanent counterparts, eventually fading to a pinky-orange tone that still looks beautiful. Keep in mind, though, that such maintenance requires frequent touchups.