Home Hair Clippers

Home hair clippers can help you look and feel your best between haircuts. Not only will they save time and money, but they will also give you a professional-looking cut! Some clippers include combs, scissors, smaller trimmer attachments, and extra blades. You may even find models with variable guard lengths.

Choosing the Right Clipper

When choosing a home hair clipper, it’s essential to consider whether you want a corded or cordless model. Cordless clippers should have enough power for full head coverage and be easy to maintain and charge. Corded clippers should be able to withstand multiple haircuts with ease.

Blades are a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a home hair clipper. Make sure they are high quality and designed with precision in mind. Look for clippers with easily switchable taper levers for smooth fades or tight-close trims. A quality clipper should also be versatile, with various attachments and guides and a storage pouch for protection and organization. It’s also wise to check if the clipper is waterproof.

If you’re a barber, consider purchasing a solid motor clipper like the Wahl 5 Star Senior for fast fades and regular cuts. For cutting children’s hair at home, a smaller clipper like the Wahl Peanut may be more suitable. Researching reviews on various models can provide valuable insights into their capabilities.

Getting Started

Using hair clippers for the first time can be daunting, especially if you don’t know how to cut your hair. However, with the right clippers and tutorial videos, giving yourself a professional-looking haircut at home has never been simpler.

Beginners may face issues with overheating or dulling of the blades due to inadequate oil, overuse, or poor cleaning techniques. It’s essential to regularly inspect blades for dirt or debris build-up and keep a bottle of lubricant handy. If the clipper becomes overheated, stop using it immediately and let it cool off before cleaning it.

If the clipper has a blown fuse, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to replace it. Once you’ve mastered the basics of using clippers, you can move on to more advanced cuts. Practice using the taper lever to adjust blade length for seamless blend haircuts. Consider different colored guards for more straightforward and more cost-effective hair and beard-cutting. Investing in professional clippers designed for hair and beards may also be beneficial.

Getting a Cut

Cutting your hair with clippers can be an affordable way to maintain a professional appearance without spending much on salon visits. Though initially intimidating, with practice, it becomes easier than anticipated. Start by shampooing and combing freshly washed hair before using clippers to ensure easier cutting.

When using your clippers, choose the desired length you want to cut your hair to and select the appropriate attachments. Decide whether you’ll cut wet or dry hair, which is more convenient for most. Ensure your clipper blades are oiled to avoid snagging and creating split ends.

After completing your haircut, examine it in the mirror to ensure evenness and symmetry. Use clippers without attachments to remove stray hairs without cutting too close to the skin. Lastly, use the taper lever for a polished look around the ears and neckline.