Bob Hairstyles For Women Over 50

A layered bob hairstyle is an elegant solution if you want to look sleek and sophisticated. This above-chin to below-shoulder cut looks great on people of all ages and is easy to maintain.

Straight Medium Bob with Bangs

A medium bob with bangs is an ever-classic look that is effortless. Perfect for most face shapes and hair types, especially women with thin or delicate locks, as it adds volume. This timeless style frames your face beautifully while giving an instantly youthful impression.

Short Bob with Side Bangs

Short bobs with side bangs are an ideal style choice for mature women, being easy to style and complimenting any hair color or face shape. Wear this timeless look for any special occasion!

Curly Bob with Bangs

Curly bobs with bangs are another great style choice for women over 50. These dramatic cuts create an eye-catching statement and work great for those wanting something different regarding look and hair color. Curly bobs also look great!

Neck-Length Bob with See-Through Bangs

Women over 50 may try on the trendy neck-length bob with see-through bangs as another fashionable look. This style can easily be styled using a flat iron and finished with shine spray for added radiance.

Short Bob with Dark hair Color

Modern bob hairstyles for women over 50 are easy to style and versatile enough for casual or formal events. There is an assortment of lengths and colors available, as well as bang options; shoulder-length bobs can even be styled into beachy waves for an attractive beach look!

Side-Parted Messy Bob

A side-parted messy bob is another stylish trend. Easy to manage and flattering for all face shapes, this style adds volume to thin hair by framing it correctly.

Graduated Layered Bob with Highlights

A graduated layered bob with highlights can be an excellent choice if you’re going for an elegant yet formal look. It will give your head more volume, and the piece highlights near your eyes will frame your face beautifully and enhance its natural beauty.

Short Bob with Bangs for Educators

Educators can add a playful and stylish look with this style, which features an off-center bob with choppy bangs that hit right at the jawline. This variant of the bob haircut works exceptionally well on finer textures that become weighted down by longer lengths.

Balance Your Facial Structure with a New Style

Balance your facial structure when selecting a new style with this style that accentuates symmetry. Plus, it can be worn with virtually any type of bangs–from trendy curtain bangs to wispy or see-through styles!

Edgy and Modern Bob with Dip-Dyed Tips

For an edgy and modern take on the bob haircut, try opting for a light blonde hue with dip-dyed tips in pastel pink or other fun colors – this will help frame your face nicely while accommodating dye changes easily. This version also allows for customizable face-framing silhouettes, as it readily accepts dye changes.

Short Bob with Bangs for Office

If you love modern classics, try opting for a chin-length bob with face-framing bangs. Style them to suit yourself: tousle them for a lived-in effect or straighten them with the texturizing product for a sleek finish a la Alfre Woodard.

Shoulder-Length Bobs with Blonde Balayage Highlights

Shoulder-length bobs can also work well for those with thinner locks looking to add volume. Blonde balayage highlights are an easy and low-maintenance way to achieve this effect.

Unique Bob with Wispy Bangs

This unique bob with wispy bangs is an effective way to frame your face and showcase your eyes. When trying this style, be sure your stylist employs a light hand with layering techniques so they don’t become too thick.