Cute Easy Long Hairstyles For Long Hair

With long hair comes an endless range of cute yet sophisticated hairstyles you can create effortlessly. Wear it up or down; either way, these effortless styles will turn heads at any event!

Face-framing layers are a timeless classic haircut that will always remain relevant. Perfect for adding shape and movement to long locks, face-framing layers provide excellent results with both curly and wavy locks. They create beautiful frames around the eyes, even with some wispy bits falling around them.

To add some structure and style to thick, long hair, ask your stylist to cut some face-framing layers at the front of your strands. This will help remove some bulk while showcasing any hidden highlights or roots you may have. Adding sun-kissed balayage highlights in front of your layered bob will give it a charming and healthy-looking style that keeps your hair looking its best!

Add braids to a classic ponytail for an instant upgrade in sophistication. This cute hairstyle works well on all textures but looks especially impressive on straight, sleek hair. To create this elegant style, brush your hair before parting it into two pigtails and starting a ladder braid on both sides of your head. Use pins to secure the braids firmly. Leave some tendrils out around your face for framing purposes, and finish with a quick hairspray application for added shine!

Are you in search of cute yet effortless long hairstyles that combine beachy waves with casual relaxation? Look no further than loose mermaid waves for the perfect beachy and laid-back style. This look looks gorgeous on longer strands, whether natural or synthetic curls are present. To achieve it, mist your locks with heat protectant spray before using a curling iron to form soft, loose coils. Run your fingers through them for added definition and texture!

Twisted Halo Braid

Another stunning look requiring additional work is the twisted halo braid, perfect for adding romance or glamour to any ensemble. Add an unfinished, undone touch by twisting loose ends around your face, or create a more complete style with a classic ponytail and strategically placed flower clips.

A messy bun is an iconic look that never goes out of style, but to elevate this style, add a braided mohawk for added texture and dimension. Wear this versatile hairstyle in various ways to change it up whenever you please.

This adorable and easy hairstyle for long hair is the ideal look for an afternoon spent socializing. Gather your locks into a low ponytail, weave one of the side ponytails into a fishtail braid, and secure it with an elastic on both sides. Add another braid on one side, also secured by elastic. Finally, complete this style by adding another braid on the other side, secured with another elastic.

Note: Medium box braids make it simple to achieve this look. Simply create a double bun from your braids on top of your head, then tuck them under your hair tie for a stacked appearance. Leave some loose hair around your face as an accent piece to complete this style.