Haircut Ideas With Bangs

Bangs add flair and playfulness to any medium haircut, complementing most facial structures. Try messy 80s-inspired bangs for a relaxed but understated aesthetic, or center-parted pieces shag for a softer and more feminine style. If you’re ready to take the plunge and go bold with bangs, speak with your stylist about creating a layered or blunt fringe that suits your hair texture and face shape. Check out our collection of celebrity haircuts with bangs for some inspiration.

Wispy Bangs

Light and airy bangs are perfect for creating a soft look, lending femininity to any hairstyle and offering the possibility for versatility. This more delicate style adds texture and an eye-catching, sexy vibe to your face while seamlessly blending with different hair textures – even natural on wavy locks! If you need more clarification on how this style would look on you, ask your stylist to give you a trial run. They can help shape the fringe until it fits with the shape of your face perfectly.

Long Layered Fringe

Long layered bangs are an excellent way to add flair and personality to their signature style. This hair trend frames the face beautifully while adding an air of sophistication and chicness to any ensemble. Try this fringe style for an unexpected effect if you are a rock-chic girl with an edge. Use a styling product such as Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Cream to create pieces and separate strands to achieve a feathered effect. Make an appointment with your stylist and have him or her style your bangs slightly longer for this fashionable look, which allows you to effortlessly brush down or part them sideways.

Arched Fringe

Arched bangs are an irresistibly stylish piece that complements all sorts of hairstyles and are especially great for adding character and flair to a woman’s look with long locks. If you have a round face shape, this hairstyle will help balance out your features and make you appear younger. It’s also perfect for women with thick locks who wish to add some elegance to their style – ideal for casual outings and formal events!

Blunt Fringe

Style your blunt fringe with texture for maximum beauty. Here, the entire short bob is enhanced by having its fringe textured to achieve balance and harmony. Straight or thick-textured hair types looking to add face-framing flair can benefit from bangs. Wavy or curly locks also look beautiful with this style; fine strands may require frequent styling and maintenance of their hits – adding texturizing spray as needed can keep them fresh throughout the day!

Chin Length Bangs

A chin-length bob with bangs looks professional yet fashionable and feminine at once. Ask your stylist to add grown-out curtain bangs that hit around the chin area for an effective face-framing result. An elegant angled bob with bangs is flattering on most facial structures and suitable for women of all ages. Pair this look with beautiful blonde balayage to add dimension.

Center-Placed Bangs

Clips can be invaluable in keeping bangs in place – create a side part, brush backward, and secure with pins for an elegant half-up style. Petite, stick-straight charges are perfect for those with naturally wavy locks and cowlicks at the hairline. To maintain these snips’ fresh appearance, a leave-in conditioner such as Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repair and Moisture for Curly hair can keep these bangs looking their best.

Long Waves with Blunt Bangs

Here is an elegant style featuring peach and pink hair colors with thick bangs, perfect for women wanting a striking, eye-catching emo vibe that will draw all eyes toward them. Long, side-swept bangs cut the face on an angle to frame round and square features while adding definition to your forehead. Their long, side-swept charges create an eye-catching style suitable for women with curly locks who desire a classic girl-next-door look.

Texturized Bangs

Wispy fringes add softness and femininity without overwhelming finer locks; the trend has become popular on TikTok as part of “bangs with benefits.” They are an excellent solution for anyone who wishes to keep their length without needing to grow out layers. Montoya suggests asking your stylist to cut vertical sections of bangs using point-cutting shears to produce piece textures – this should help prevent your charges from growing out too rapidly.