How to Style Medium-Length Layers in Hair

Medium-length layers of hair look exquisite when styled into an exquisite bombshell blowout, no matter the hue, from soft pink blonde to deep cherry red. Feathered layers add movement and volume to wavy hairstyles and pair exceptionally well with deep side parts and long curtain bangs to frame the face.

Swoopy Layers

Layers add an edge and style suitable for medium-length hair, making them the ideal style choice. They’re easy to style with curls, ponytails, or buns; layers frame the face beautifully while lightening thick locks for easier styling! Plus, layers create a feminine finish. Long layers can add volume and texture while simultaneously controlling frizz. Long layers work exceptionally well on curly and wavy textures, creating a book for straight locks. To achieve this style, have your stylist cut long layers starting a few inches above the ends – the result will be a light yet airy texture that looks great with subtle highlights! This look works exceptionally well on women of color.

Bouncy Layers

Bouncy layers can add dimension to your look without being overstated. In particular, fine-textured hair may benefit from having these styles of layers added by their stylist to increase volume and create an easily maintained shape. Curly hair can benefit from these layers as well. Your stylist can feather them through your strands to accentuate and increase the natural bounce of your curls.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers are an excellent option for thin hair as they offer balance and proportionality, making your face appear slimmer. Plus, they’re super stylish! For maximum impact, use texturizing products to style with for an ultra-glamorous finish and blow-dry the hair straight – topped off with some hint of ombre, you are sure to turn heads!

Feathery Layers

Feathery layers are an attractive way to add texture and dimension to medium hair. Perfect for straight locks, they won’t overshadow them and create fuller locks – ideal for thin strands as they create the impression of more volume and thickness! Create this look by asking your stylist for feathery layers that transition slightly lighter at your face, creating a subtle ombre effect that makes your hair appear thicker and healthier – this style works well with golden blonde to deep red shades!

V-Cut Layers

The V-cut is an exquisite style for medium-length hair, especially on curlier or wavy textures, creating the illusion of added volume without adding extra bulk. Plus, its face-framing layers look fantastic in blonde hair! If you have a long face, consider adding longer layers to further frame your features. It looks particularly striking when combined with subtle caramel highlights in your hair.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers make an elegant yet easy style to maintain, perfect for busy women looking for a no-hassle way to keep their style in place. Blonde hair with golden highlights stands out beautifully; dark chocolate brown shades also look attractive with this look.

Face-Framing Layers

Face framing layers add subtle texture and dimension to any haircut and are eye-catching on medium-length locks. By creating soft frames around your features – whether with a side part or pulled back into an elegant ponytail – face-framing layers add visual depth and draw attention to critical areas of your appearance. To cut face-framing layers at home, start with clean and conditioned hair. Run your cutting comb through and locate where the shortest layer should fall (closer to your chin for this cut, below your nose for longer styles like bobs). Next, use a sliding cutting technique to achieve an imperfect gradation in this initial section of layers. Repeat this step with another 1 cm section, ensuring both sides of your hair are even as you go. Remember that damp hair shrinks upon drying, so what may have seemed ideal may end up shorter than initially anticipated.