5 Natural Hair Styles For Kids

As any parent knows, children develop distinct personalities through their hair. Therefore, we should select styles that are both cute and easy to maintain. Natural hair styles for kids are an easy and adorable way to express their individual personalities. These versatile looks can be completed with adorable accessories such as bows, beads or flowers to complete their looks.

Triple Braid with a Center Bun

Protective styles such as braiding are great way to keep your child’s locks free from damage while giving her the opportunity to express her personality with fun accessories like bows, beads or head ties.

Double Banana Braids

Double banana braids are another classic style for framing the face and eyes of young daughters, whether in a bun or loose form. It looks particularly striking when combined with cute headbands or colorful bows for an eye-catching effect.

Box Braids High-Bun

Create an elegant formal look for your child by styling their hair in a high-bun composed of box braids. This gorgeous style will have her feeling like the ultimate beauty queen and make an impressionful first impression at school or special events alike. To help manage this style more easily, have her wear a satin bonnet at night and spray with hairspray during the daytime hours.

Medium Twist Braids

This hairstyle combines the beauty of a hard part with medium-sized twists for an effortlessly chic and low maintenance style. Furthermore, its colors compliment one another to produce an ideal combination.

Kinky Twists

If your girl wants something bolder, try kinky twists. These cute and colorful styles reduce breakage while providing a fun way for her to express herself through hair styling. Kinky twists can be worn with short braids or longer, looser locks for maximum impact! If she prefers wearing her hair down, she can do like actress Kerry Washington and pin up her golden twists for an eye-catching look! Or add some flair with colorful mini hair bands; they make styling easy while looking adorable in any look!

Braided Ponytails

Braids can be an incredible way to bring out your daughter’s natural beauty while protecting it from sun and sand damage. Box braids can even be styled into elegant low ponytails for special events or everyday wear, offering her protection while adding style! Add some youthful touches by including colorful elastics or scrunchies at the end of each braid, while for an elevated modern aesthetic upgrade her ponytail with rhinestones, pearls or bedazzled hair pins to elevate her style. Small braids on loose hair make for a cute and casual style that pairs well with any ensemble. Perfectly suitable for children who like to show their wild side on the playground, creating and keeping this protective hairstyle is easy and will stay put through all their playtime adventures!


A cornrow adds character and flair to any child’s look while serving as a protective braid style that protects from tangles and breakage. This style offers two looks in one. First, braid the top portion of your child’s hair in cornrows before creating stunning Bantu knots to finish this stylish look. Additionally, add beads for an added splash of color and texture! This adorable princess-style hairdo is ideal for little black girls looking to show off their lovely curls. A high ponytail at the back adds a regal air, while playful cornrow designs give this style some playful character – this look can easily be replicated and will certainly turn heads! This style will undoubtedly attract admirers!