Hairstyles For Waved Hair

From casual beach waves to elegant S-curls, we have the best hairstyles for wavy hair. Furthermore, our experts share their insight into what cuts and styles work for this texture.

Channel your inner screen siren with an iconic ‘S-shaped fringe on a short bob. Textured layers add dimension and boost wavy hair’s natural volume for an eye-catching style that speaks volumes!

Short Wavy Haircuts

Short wavy hairstyles add texture and volume for an easy yet charming feminine look that’s effortless styling. A center-parted short wavy bob will flatter fine or thin locks while adding romance, while thicker locks may benefit from a layered wavy bob with side-parted fringe for maximum volume.

Soft pastel hues add magic and playfulness to this short, wavy hairstyle, making it one of our top picks for girls of all ages. Easy to style, soft highlights can also add dimension depending on your complexion.

If you’re over 50 and considering getting a haircut that reaches the shoulders, a wavy pixie cut with long wavy waves is an elegant and timeless style option. Perfect for women with any face shape or length – especially those who suffer from thinning hair because it hides any problem areas without making you appear older – ask your stylist about adding some flair with a balayage or foil highlight for added color and dimension!

Medium Wavy Haircuts

If you have medium-length wavy hair, try the shag cut for a retro twist to your style. This on-trend haircut highlights natural texture while looking incredible when styled with balayage, ombre, or highlights. If you want to add depth and dimension to your style, opt for blonde highlights or darker colors such as brown and red to add dimension and interest.

If a short pixie cut is too choppy for your hair type, consider opting for a layered bob with side parting and bangs that skim your forehead for a stylish alternative that frames your face while emphasizing your eyes. This daring hairstyle creates an eye-catching frame around your features and reveals their true potential.

Longer wavy haircuts can also look chic and complement any face shape, such as the long lob. Layered wispy layers help show off your waves for maximum impact; to finish the look off properly, use the Davines Defining Glam Power Spray Shape to smooth away frizz and create sleek styles.

Long Wavy Haircuts

Whether your wavy locks are long or medium, numerous cute haircuts will show them off to their full potential. A long, layered bob works beautifully with every face shape and hair length while emphasizing its natural texture for a stunning finish. Layered bobs also help add volume if you have fine locks, while wispy bangs give this style its signature face-framing look.

Another popular style is a cheek-length bob that hits just above the jaw to accentuate facial features and is best worn with either a low ponytail slicked over the forehead or an upswept ponytail paired with either of these styles. Finally, French chin-length bobs with face-framing layers offer a polished yet undone vibe and suit all face shapes and hair textures equally well – especially those with curly locks, which add dimension. Wavy locks add an edge that distinguishes this trending style, which marries short hair styles like those associated with Pixie cuts and lengthier amounts like this trending style combined into one look combining both short-hair looks of both styles!

Medium Length Wavy Haircuts

Rather than opt for complete mermaid waves, other styles suitable for medium-length hair work just as effectively. Achieve natural waves by tousling them for an effortless style; add the product to help define and define the locks for extra oomph!

Wavy shoulder-length strands that fall around your shoulders create an effortlessly feminine and romantic style when combined with side-swept fringe and dark roots to frame your face beautifully. Perfect for everyday wear or formal events.

Layered wavy hairstyles are timeless classics that never fail to flatter, regardless of the occasion or hair texture. Ideal for thick or thin surfaces alike, this layered haircut tames bulk while producing more face-hugging shapes that frame the face more beautifully. Plus, its length makes this cut manageable for those who want longer locks but require more accessible styling options – plus, adding blonde highlights will only enhance this hairdo’s versatility!