High Hair Porosity and How it Affects Your Hair

Porosity of hair

hair porosity plays a crucial role in the appearance and texture of strands. It determines how quickly moisture enters and whether it is retained.

Effects of high porosity

Hair with high porosity is prone to frizz and tangles as the cuticle scales are easily lifted. This is typically caused by damage to the hair’s inner core from coloring, bleaching, or chemical treatments.

Testing porosity

Drop a strand into a glass of water to test your hair’s porosity. If it floats, it indicates low porosity, while sinking indicates high porosity.

Appearance of high porosity hair

High porosity hair strands have a more random and misshapen appearance than smooth and closed-off strands, resembling chunky tiles.

Testing porosity at home

Place a few strands of your hair into a cup of water to test porosity at home. If they immediately sink to the bottom, your hair is highly porous.

Frizz and humidity

Humidity can cause frizz by allowing excess moisture into the hair strands. Curly and coarse hair types are especially susceptible to increased cuticle height and dry or damaged locks.

Preventing frizz

To prevent frizz, use products suitable for your hair type, maintain moisture levels, avoid over-styling or processing, and create a protective routine in humid environments.

Dry hair and its causes

Dry hair occurs when the hair lacks sufficient moisture, often due to over-shampooing, heat styling, environmental factors, or certain health conditions.

Treating dry hair

To treat dry hair, consider using hot oils, adjusting your diet, and using products specifically formulated for dry hair to restore moisture, shine, and strength.

Knotted hair and prevention

Dry or damaged hair is more prone to knots, especially for thin, tightly textured strands. Frequent use of heat styling tools and lack of brushing or washing can contribute to knotting.

Preventing knots

To prevent knots, hydrate your hair, use suitable hair products, and brush your hair correctly to keep your strands knot-free.