How to Keep 4b hair Short and Beautiful

If you have 4b hair, keeping it hydrated is paramount. Deep conditioners or masques such as SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque can be an invaluable asset for sealing in moisture for longer.

Effortless Wash-and-Go Style

An effortless wash-and-go style looks beautiful when worn by those with 4b curls. It provides an easy way to look your best while keeping your locks healthy, and when worn high up, it features eye-catching volume while emphasizing the unique zig-zag pattern of this curl type.


Once considered the domain of children, Afros have since evolved into an attractive androgynous look that draws the eyes upward. The key to creating a long Afro is keeping it properly moisturized. This protective hairstyle looks gorgeous whether worn full head of 4b hair, or with just a tiny part. Add a pop of color with dark ruby red for an eye-catching accent, and finish off your style using non-flaky edge control gel like that ORS offers to complete the look.


4b hair has a coily texture similar to 4A but with looser coils. To keep its curls hydrated and style intact, use a cleansing conditioner or co-wash regularly, while avoiding blow drying your locks as this may damage them quickly. For short 4b curls, try this charming side ponytail style featuring eye-catching volume. Add a shine boost by smoothing non-flaky edge control gel along its edges.

Puff Updo

A puff updo is a timeless formal hairstyle for special events and formal meetings. Wearable with either ethnic or western long dresses, it allows your curls to shine! Additionally, add braids or head scarves for an additional flair! This hairstyle works particularly well on 4b hair because it embraces its unique kinkier nature, simplifying maintenance since defined curls are optional to complete this look.

hair Paint Wax

hair paint wax offers a quick and easy way to temporarily change your hair’s color without damaging your locks in the long run. Wash away for easy results that won’t harm or discolor your tresses! Try experimenting with new colors daily or use them to highlight specific parts of your hair – this is an ideal option for anyone wanting to experiment without the hassle of bleaching their locks! Wax works best on curly, oily, or oily hair textures but can also be used on straight styles. Please avoid using heat products while your polish is in your hair!

High Ponytail

The high ponytail, an iconic look from the 1990s, remains elegant and sophisticated today. They frame the face so that it flatters all shapes and types are guaranteed while quickly hiding second-day hair, easily masking second-day hair! Add braids or flip out one end to create a more casual version of this style. You can also enhance it with glamorous hair accessories. Santiago suggests protective styles like cornrow braids for forming chic high ponytails; use an edge control gel that doesn’t flake before braiding!

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are an attractive and protective style suitable for all hair textures. Bantu knots are a stylish yet practical style solution created by sectioning, twisting, and wrapping the locks to form tiny knots. Tight springy curls make an eye-catching statement when combined with an elegant head scarf or turban. Additionally, this style works exceptionally well when worn with an ombre hue for those wanting to showcase their color in a different light. This style can be done on wet or dry hair, though to maintain healthy locks, it’s essential to ensure it remains moisturized with leave-in conditioner and good gel products. With these two resources, achieve gorgeous-looking locks by maintaining healthy locks through regular care!

High Double Bun

The high double bun is an eye-catching style that perfectly highlights the natural volume in 4b hair, creating a faux-hawk effect and offering an effortless wash-and-go style for 4b hair. Add extra flair by accessorizing with glittery bobby pins along your hairline or an eye-catching clip on one side of your ponytail. Santiago believes protective styles are ideal for type 4 hair as long as your locks are in excellent condition before beginning a class. She suggests applying non-flaky edge control gel for added peace of mind.

Half-Up Half-Down

Try this half-up/half-down style featuring luxurious waves for an elegant and romantic style. Have your stylist add loose face-framing twists for added femininity. Girls looking to take their Bantu knots to a whole new level may opt for this half-up, half-down style featuring charms or beads, and you could add decorative puka shells for an elevated hairstyle. This braided halo style is ideal for weddings or proms. Pinning it with flowers creates an eye-catching, romantic, sophisticated look sure to turn heads!