Hairstyles For Long-Straight Hair

Long straight hair can often make for an uninspiring style statement and become tediously mundane after some time. However, by trying out different quick and easy hairstyles for long straight hair, you can give your mane an elegant new look and add visual variety!

Add some texture and dimension to your long straight locks with choppy layers for a unique style that gives your locks a beautiful bounce.

Deep Side Part

No matter the texture of your locks, this look will add an elegant and polished touch. A deep side part is an easy yet effective way to frame the face and add depth. Pair this look with an effortlessly chic top and figure-hugging jeans to complete it!

Modern Hairstyle with Mid Fade and Side-Swept Top

This chic modern hairstyle features a mid fade and side-swept top for an eye-catching and sophisticated appearance. Complete the look by pairing this hairstyle with a black turtleneck and gold glitter dye. Both are guaranteed to turn heads!

Side-Parted Style for Parties and Functions

This side-parted style may suit you if you’re searching for an easy and quick hairstyle to impress at any party or function. Perfect for women with long straight hair, this elegant side partition will look stunning with any ethnic or Western attire. To achieve it, create a side partition first, then comb through the top portion with a smooth brush. Use some hair mousse, then let it dry to achieve this lovely style.

Thick Bangs

A softened version of angular bangs, this blunt style frames your face with flattering thickness. A stunning statement piece that can be worn in bold or neutral colors, particularly effective on thicker hair.

Thick side-swept bangs look fabulous on most face shapes, but they work exceptionally well for people with round or oval faces as they accentuate your cheekbones and highlight them more effectively. Angled bangs help add height and definition if your face is square or rectangular. Easy to maintain and great looking with any color or length hairstyle, they look perfect!

If you want to switch up your straight cut, ask your stylist for wavy bangs that can be styled side-swept or tucked behind your ears. You could even use a curler to give texture and movement to them!

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids can be more challenging than regular French braids, requiring practice before producing beautiful results. To begin this hairstyle, create a deep side part in each section of hair, selecting two medium-sized strands before starting a regular fishtail braid with two medium-sized strands from each. As you go, pull thin strands from the proper section under the left section strand as you braid, repeating until you reach the end of the hair and tie it off with a clear elastic. Add an eye-catching flourish with embellishments such as tassels or decorative beads to the front of your braid for an eye-catching finish. This look works exceptionally well at special events or parties and adds an extra wow factor to everyday looks. Whether your hair features some texture or you sport poker straight locks, it will fall head over heels!


The ponytail hairstyle is a timeless classic for long straight hair, perfect for both chic and playful styles. Its versatility means you can customize its appearance to meet your taste by adding extra details, such as adding movement with Helix braids. Helix braids add volume while creating a dynamic effect. Another variation would be braiding the top section of your hair and wrapping it around an elastic, perfect for special events! Add a beautiful ribbon as an embellishment and conceal any unnecessary elements of this style. It looks polished and sophisticated!

The low-side ponytail is an elegant everyday style perfect for black women with yarn or locs, as it accentuates their beauty while showing off all their tones of hair color. It is also great for women with ombre or highlighted locks!