Dark hair Colors For Women

No matter if you have been a long-term blonde or want a change, these stunning dark hair colors for women will turn heads. Be sure to use color-safe products such as shampoo, conditioner, and keratin treatments, which contain no sulfates and parabens to preserve their rich hues.

Chestnut Brown Highlights

Chestnut brown highlights look absolutely beautiful when applied to long, wavy locks with olive skin tones. Add subtle silver accents for an eye-catching sparkle.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown hair color has long been popular with celebrities. This rich yet mysterious hue makes an impression statement about one’s sense of style, making it an appealing choice among influencers and fashionistas.

Caramel Brown

Caramel brown hair is an elegant dark hue that flatters women of all skin tones. This warm tone adds warmth to your worn, wavy, or curly appearance.

Cocoa Brown

Cocoa Brown has won over audiences at arena shows with her comedy act and impressive filmography, including Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club. Her recurring role as Carla Price on Fox drama 9-1-1 also earned her a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination.

Dark Brown

Brown hair colors often get overlooked when selecting the ideal dark-lock hues. Platinum blonde or fiery red may seem more popular, but browns offer rich and versatile looks that suit almost everyone.

To lighten up a dark brown hue, consider opting for a honey brown tone that balances warm and cool tones, such as Lorena Rae’s shade worn. This cool brunette hue looks especially striking against olive skin tones and helps neutralize yellow undertones in your complexion. Or, for something redder, consider Alison Brie’s deep auburn ombre, which creates an eye-catching option when combined with blue eyes.