Short Men Hair Styles For Men

Nothing beats a stylish short men’s hair style like one featuring a textured quiff and high skin fade to boost confidence and build type. Secure your locks using matte hair clay, and this look can become one of the most eye-catching short men’s hair styles available today.

The Pompadour

The Pompadour is an eye-catching style, ideal for drawing attention. Paired with a skin fade, this versatile haircut makes an impressionful impression in various settings, from business meetings to weekend adventures.

Pompadour style was named for Madame de Pompadour, Queen Louis XV’s chief mistress. Today, it remains popular with men looking to achieve a dapper appearance. A modern variation typically involves shorter or buzzed sides and a more oversized top that’s been styled back using small amounts of product.

The Ivy League Cut

No matter your hair texture, the Ivy League cut is an elegant style that will add some edge and character to your look. This variation on the classic crew cut features short sides and medium to long top layers, which can be parted to form a side part for maximum effect.

You can take this style a step further if you have a widow’s peak by creating an outlined part and sweeping your hair to one side – just be sure to use plenty of hair gel!

The Side Faded Top

This style may be perfect if you want a classic side part with fade. Top hair should be parted to one side before being pushed back with hair wax for an attractive appearance. Short sides and longer top haircuts have always been in fashion, and this one is no different. The shaved lines add to its formal and sophisticated aesthetic.

The Thick Textured Top

The classic men’s short hair style known as the comb over is one of the most accessible and timeless short-hairstyle options for short men. Perfect for any event or setting. For a bolder style, this textured version of the comb-over is ideal. It featuresfeatures a mid-fade and combed-through top that looks refined and bold. This modern mullet fade features a thick textured quiff, which requires the help of an excellent defining gel to stay put.

The Fade Mohawk

A mohawk is an impressive and daring hairstyle, but it becomes even more special with the addition of a fade. Thick, textured locks quickly tapering toward the skin add a sophisticated, mature finish that completes this contemporary style. Test this modern style out with a high skin or temple fade and strong hold product for optimal results. The result will create an attractive modern style suitable for work or school environments.

The Short Comb Over

A comb-over with a low fade is the perfect haircut for men with thick, wavy locks that must be controlled with their styling routines. This style offers more relaxed styling options than its classic variation. It features shorter sides and top hair that can be either pushed to one side or styled neatly into an updo for an informal appearance.

The Shaved Lines

Though sometimes associated with negative connotations, shaved lines are timeless styles for men that will stand the test of time. Combine it with either low skin fade or mid fade for an effortlessly dapper appearance. Alternately, add height and texture to the crown with a quiff or comb over. This style also helps make fine hair appear thicker.

The Natural Side Parting

The timeless side part is experiencing something of a revival, making for an ideal addition to casual and professional looks. Pair it with a crop fade to complete the look. To achieve the look, begin with clean hair and then use Carol’s Daughter Pracaxi Nectar Style Control Gel, which offers a strong yet flexible hold.

The Angular Fringe

This style frames one side of your face with a sleek and polished appearance. Leave your locks straight, or add some pomade or matte clay for an unkempt effect. An angular fringe pairs well with a faded haircut, creating an eye-catching style and helping to conceal any forehead wrinkles.

The Marble Hair

If the holographic hair dye trend is too wild for your taste, try marbling your locks instead. This technique involves color-coating your locks before swirling them to create an eye-catching psychedelic effect. When styled into a pompadour or slick back style, this look looks particularly striking; gels, pastes, and waxes will come in handy here for this look. Shaved lines and a natural side parting are hallmarks of this style.