How to Create Silver Lavender Or Icy Purple Hair

This article will show you how to achieve the look of silver lavender or icy purple hair. This hair color is a stunning and very different from blonde hair. For example, you can use silver highlights to get a beautiful icy purple hue. This hair color is also available in various shades and you can easily make your hair look more icy and cool with the right accessories. Silver highlights can also make your hair look very elegant. You can even try adding silver highlights to blonde hair to achieve an icy purple effect.

Silver lavender hair is a beautiful icy purple hair color


Choosing a color that will match your complexion can be an easy process. Purple is a very feminine color and can add a youthful look to your hair. There are many shades of lavender to choose from, including darker ones. Lavender hair can also add a little movement to your locks, drawing attention to your face. This hair color is an excellent choice for anyone with gray or purple hair.


You can get silver lavender by lightening your hair with a bleaching agent. This hair color can brighten up even the darkest gray and purple hair. It is an ideal color for winter. You can even lighten dark grey hair by using a platinum shampoo. This shampoo will help brighten the color and minimize damage. You can even use a platinum shampoo to make your hair look salon-worthy.

Silver highlights on blonde hair


Choosing the right shampoo for your blonde locks is the first step to creating your new look. You can opt for a sulfate-free formula or go for a semi-permanent hue. For lighter hair, you can use a purple shampoo. However, you should always consult with your hairstylist first. You should also use a toning shampoo. Light blonde highlights fade more quickly than dark ones.


To get the most glamorous and unique look, try incorporating silver highlights into your hair. These highlights will brighten the whole head and give you a unique style. Whether you have brown or blonde hair, silver highlights will add a glamorous touch. Those with dark gray hair can also opt for silver lowlights to bring life to lifeless strands. For a more natural look, opt for pastel shades.

Leaving purple shampoo on hair can cause flakiness


Using purple shampoo on gray and lilac hair can leave it feeling dry and brittle. You should avoid leaving it on for longer than it recommends. This can cause the purple shampoo to dry out the hair and scalp. Additionally, leaving it on for too long will result in flaky hair. The most effective way to avoid flakiness is to use a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo is a great alternative to purple shampoo because it removes the lilac color and leaves your hair with a more vibrant shade.


Some people have gray or purple hair and are worried about it turning brassy. This is an easy fix for brassy hair – a trip to the salon will do the trick. But, if your hair is too brassy, purple shampoo may be the perfect solution. The violet pigment found in purple shampoo helps manage grey hair, as it reflects the opposite colors on the color wheel. Brassy colors sit on the yellow side of the wheel, while violet is on the opposite side.

How to achieve a harmonious match between gray and purple hair


The first step in creating a balancing look for gray and purple hair is matching the color of your roots with the shade of your final formula. Makeup artist Abbey Brookee explains how to match the end formula shade with your roots. Using an appropriate root color will enhance the overall look of your hair. You can also try a purple shampoo or conditioner if you’re not comfortable with gray or purple shades.