How to Rock Gray and Purple Hair

Grey and purple hair is an eye-catching combination that looks playful and sophisticated. These bold looks pair well with various hues, from soft pastels to deep reds.

Purple shampoo can add life and vibrancy to silver strands by neutralizing warm yellow tones to make gray hair appear more vivid.

Side-swept Highlights

Face-framing highlights are an effective way to achieve purple hair with gray roots. Easy maintenance ensures this trend stands the test of time while adding dimension to your strands. If you don’t want to completely transform your locks with dyed locks, try adding small streaks of purple into natural strands while keeping the rest dark – adding accents can also add dimension!

This look is Instagram-worthy and professional-looking, ideal for wavy and curly locks. This pastel purple shade looks girly with its hints of shell pink and lavender, making it the perfect shade for broad faces as it helps your eyes appear longer and thinner. Furthermore, its cool tones enhance green, blue, or hazel eye colors beautifully.

Money Piece Highlights

Chunky highlights have made an unexpected comeback! While we thought they had passed their prime years ago, these highlights unexpectedly reappear. According to Bodt, chunky highlights work best when they don’t stand out too much from your overall color and are two to three shades lighter than your base shade – an expert colorist is essential when styling this style; face-framing strands must match up closely in hue with natural hair colors for maximum all-over blending effects, Bodt notes.

Hailey Baldwin uses this technique on her natural sun-kissed finish with golden blonde streaks framing her face for an earthy, sun-kissed finish that lasts. Denn recommends using Philip Kingsley Elasticizer shampoo and conditioning treatment to maintain the color longer.

Salt and Pepper Hair

Salt and pepper gray hair allows you to experiment with color without risking looking too unnatural. By adding light violet highlights to your salt and pepper hair, create an eye-catching effect with little maintenance requirements or touch-ups necessary.

Keep your strands shiny by regularly using a purple shampoo to combat brassiness and maintain a calm, ashy tone while leaving them silky, soft, and luxurious. Try Oribe Silverati Shampoo ($29), with its unique blend of edelweiss, watermelon, and lychee extracts.

If you have wavy salt and pepper hair, texturizing gel or pomade, such as Bumble and Bumble Sumotech ($32), can be an excellent way to elevate its appearance and add movement. This works exceptionally well on bobs, which look fantastic when worn with messy waves or tousled locks.

Asymmetrical Gray Bob

One of the best ways to add some edge to gray hair is with purple highlights. This cool blue-gray shade will complement silver and gray strands in your locks while making your skin appear lighter. This look works particularly well if your natural graying process has already started; it will look like something from fashion magazine pages!

A bob is an ideal gray haircut, as its sophisticated design lends itself to many styling possibilities. If you want to experiment, try an asymmetrical choppy bob, which features shorter strands on one side of the face – This will elongate and frame your features more flatteringly.

Purple Ombre

Purple ombre looks beautiful on all hair lengths but is especially striking on longer locks. This balayage style features rich, deep purple that transitions into light lavender – ideal for all skin tones! Plus, it adds an elegant and feminine flair that any modern woman would appreciate!

This purple-to-black ombre boasts a seamless transition from black to purple hues. As this style requires skilled coloring techniques, it’s best to leave its creation up to your hair colorist.

Give your box braids an eye-catching aesthetic with this two-tone purple and magenta ombre, sure to draw compliments wherever they go! This bold color combination will undoubtedly turn heads wherever they go!