Hairstyles for Face Shapes

No matter the shape of your face – be it round, oval, square, triangle, heart, or diamond – there is a hairstyle that can flatter it. Find inspiration in celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst, and Ginnifer Goodwin to discover a style that complements yours perfectly!

Round Faces

Round faces can be recognized by their soft jawline, full cheeks, broad forehead, and cheekbone areas, and shorter lengths from the chin to crown than other face shapes. Round faces can be versatile in hair length and style, making round-faced women an easy fit when selecting their ideal type and size. Any measurement that falls past the ears or shoulders can work so long as it features layers that frame the face and provide plenty of movement. Layered bobs with side fringes and soft waves instantly give you one of the most glamorous, grown-up looks. This style adds volume to the top of your head while helping elongate the face by drawing focus away from broad foreheads and soft jawlines. Side-swept bangs also work beautifully, as they visually ‘slice’ diagonally across your face for added angles.

Oblong Faces

You have an oblong face shape if it has longer sides than wide ones, which is very balanced and can look great with most styles. Women who possess this facial structure typically possess strong logic skills and tend to lead in their workplace environments. Your jawline may also feature a slight protruding tip, lending this face shape a strawberry or inverted triangle look. Your intuition and inner strength enable you to thrive in business environments. Make the most of heart-shaped faces by opting for hairstyles that soften angles with deep side parts and face-framing layers, like Bridget Bardot fringes, or add width to your jawline with an angled, textured lob (check @daniellelllombard for inspiration). Voluminous waves at the bottom will accentuate those beautiful cheekbones!

Square Faces

Square faces feature strong jawlines and prominent cheekbones, so hairstyles that soften these features rather than sharpening their definition should be chosen accordingly. Gwyneth Paltrow and Kiera Knightley can provide ample inspiration in this regard. A shoulder-grazing bob is an ideal long hairstyle for square faces. This textured cut features plenty of wispy face-framing layers and creates volume around the front to elongate it further. A bob with a side part works particularly well for square-shaped faces. The long enough length frames the forehead while its straight-across bangs help soften its wide appearance; also, straight-across charges help soften any hard angles of the jaw line. Before styling with heat treatments or bleach, use hair serum to minimize heat treatment-induced damage; tease back some short layers for added volume before finishing it off with light-hold hairspray for extra hold.

Heart Faces

Heart-shaped faces feature a broad forehead that narrows into prominent cheekbones and tapered jawlines, creating many sharp angles that can become overwhelming without the appropriate hairstyle. Choppy pixie cuts or shorter layers should be avoided to maintain the balance of this facial structure. Make the switch to a shoulder-length cut with deep side-swept bangs that help draw attention away from the broadest point and slim your jawline, face-framing layers to add softness, balance your features while accentuating them, balayage or color jobs for added effect. This haircut even works for women with thicker foreheads; length and thickness can help tamp down cowlicks!

Triangle Faces

People with this face shape tend to be passionate, energetic, and spontaneous individuals with narrow foreheads, narrow jawlines, and small, pointy chins that often fight for what they believe in. They typically have slim brows with small pointy chins that widen towards their jawline – all traits associated with passionate individuals with strong convictions. To complement a triangle face shape, hairstyles include side-swept bangs, long layered bobs, and center-parted or short pixie cuts with center parts or short length. Girly pompadours or faux hawks may add width to the forehead while helping minimize widow’s peaks. Avoid full or straight bangs covering your narrow forehead, as these will draw attention to a broader chin area. Instead, opt for something soft, such as this tumbling bob that keeps jawline and forehead proportional without sacrificing length – this way, your best features can shine through without losing height! This style highlights your best features without compromising the size you love.