Awesome Hair Unlimited

In 2021, Cheri became the owner of this Unlimited, a company that offers everything from hair straightening to hair color dying. Having been in the hair care industry for more than 35 years, Cheri maintains her love for Hair styling by delivering education to the next generation of this stylists. Over the years, Cheri has taken various courses in all facets of this styling, coloring, perms, and permanents. Through these years of experience, she’s gained a wealth of knowledge that can help hair stylists of all abilities make a successful living. Her knowledge is what has allowed her to develop into such a successful hair stylist, having launched her own Hair care product line in 2021.

Modern Design Ideas

Hair Unlimited is a great place to find not only a variety of designs but also a host of helpful Hairdressers. Located in Burbank, California the hair Unlimited website features over twenty-five years of experience helping clients meet their Hair styling needs. From coloring hair to cutting Hair and everything in between Hair Unlimited offers a service that can transform that without spending an arm and a leg. Whether you need a new look for work or pleasure or are looking to just have fun experimenting with different designs, you’ll find that Hair Unlimited can help you achieve all of that styling needs.